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Old March 20, 2021, 06:22 PM
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Default And a part of that is INVESTING, so you don't have to go into emergency mode...

Well, it is solid advice for those who need it. A better lesson I learned from Gary was, have a long term plan. He taught this one, by NOT having one of his own.

I was always struck by the difference between Gary and Ben Suarez, whom he basically mentored in direct mail. And the even bigger contrast between Gary and his friend Harvey Brody.

Gary went into that OPERATION MONEYSUCK (OMS) quite often, because he had to. I don't know what was left at the end, if anything, but I do see where the INVEST for long term came in handy for both Ben and Harvey.

Ben wanted to build a business for his family, and today his Grandson is one of the chief officers of the company, and it has employed many family and friends. He planned for the future by investing some of his profits in building the business.

As Gary himself said, he wasn't suited for running a business and he had the skills to put OMS into quick action. Few of us have his genius.

At the other end, Harvey Brody built a business which was sustainable and has what, 55+ years of history behind his success. Harvey made a conscious decision to NOT have employees, and left a lucrative publishing business to focus on his TOLL positions.

So, I can see how this OMS can come in handy, and if that is the focus, then by all means close the doors and get er done.

But, after the Operation is over, maybe invest 10% in an absentee business...I know execs at SCI who owned car washes, modeling agencies, franchises, and other income producing businesses where combined, they never stop sucking up the dough.

We've been at it over 20 years now, and in that time I've seen many people put OMS into the highest gear, only to find out a year or two later, they are back at the "lock the doors" level.

Investing 10% into a long term financial goal when you are sucking in the money, allows you to be less frenzied when you must make some quick cash.

It is about FOCUS isn't it?, and "Where the head goes the body follows." And yes, sometimes our heads go to places which have gained our attention and need to be shuttered out.

Working on different projects in the course of a day, is one way to do an OMS and invest at the same time. One way is to leverage all that past work.

For example, a newsletter, after a year or so, could be turned into a book, the book into a course, the course could last for decades and produce some income all as the result of the FOCUS on doing the one thing which makes you the the case of the newsletter, WRITING IT AND GETTING IT OUT THERE.

Instead of a To Do list, how about adding a TO MAKE $$ TODAY list.

If one is in poor health, then it doesn't matter how much attention they give to the thing, because they may not be healthy enough to do it.

BALANCE and long term planning might serve many people better than than a state of frenzied, manic focus for short bursts of time. But if that is what is needed, then you got to do what you got to do.


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Copywriter John Carlton talks about something called "Operation Moneysuck"... Something he got from the late copywriter, Gary Halbert...

I've found recently that it's something that's helping me... Maybe it will help you avoid falling into a pit full of alligators...

I usually work from "to do" lists of some sort.

I tend to write everything I need "to do" in one place, and work from there...

That means EVERYTHING... Both business-related tasks, as well as non-business-related tasks...

I never get it all done each day, but that's okay... As long as I'm doggedly chipping away at it...

So, some example business-related tasks for me might be... writing a new sales page for a product... or writing a new newsletter article... or sending out an email promotion...

A non-business-related task for me might be... looking for a personal document I need... or buying something for my baby daughter that my wife has requested... or fixing the household thingymabob...

What I found is that most of the personal stuff was getting done, and the business (i.e. money making) stuff was NOT getting done! So something had to change...

What finally worked in fixing this was "Operation Moneysuck"...

Operation Moneysuck, in a nutshell, according to Gary Halbert, as quoted by John Carlton, is this...

"Screw all that irrelevant stuff. We're going to bring in the bucks."

That is, when you're in "Operation Moneysuck" mode - you ONLY do those things you need to do to bring in the dollars.

All the other stuff can wait... Till later. Right now, your focus is on the money.

I color-code all my tasks. My tasks which "bring in the money" are highlighted with a yellow background, like sunshine. All the other tasks are not highlighted, like a gray winter's day.

When I'm in "Operation Moneysuck" mode - I can ONLY do the yellow-highlighted tasks. The other tasks have to wait for later.

And... it worked!

I just wanted to share it here, in case it helps anyone dig themselves out of a hole...

You can read how John Carlton explains it here...

Operation MoneySuck 2.0

Best wishes,


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