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Old May 25, 2021, 09:05 AM
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Default My 600 buck "protege", and the value of a dollar.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

If you are inclined, there is a ton of money to be made, very low hanging fruit on the table for either a quick snackeroo of cash, or a long term on going residual monthly retainer.

I, currently, prefer the quick an In and Out Burger, I get in, get the moolah, get out and have both parties satisfied.

Give it some thought, many small businesses could use your expertise.


I hope to make this one of those buried gems. Or maybe it won't be, whatevs.

This past weekend was my city's yard sale; dozens of people had yard sales and most donated to a cause, a homeless outreach program.

It was city wide, thousands of things available, of my local proteges went bargain hunting. He had all day, and 600 bux to spend, his mission was to buy three things: something for 300, 200 and 100 dollars OR any one thing he felt he could easily FLIP.

The mission, which he accepted, was CHATTELING. Turn money into MORE money as fast as you can by buying and selling stuff; other's junk, trash, throwaways.

Buy over there, sell over here.

Hardly rocket science. He had thousands of things to choose from. Who would be interested in following the adventures of the Chatteling Protege? Anyone?

Before we started, I had to educate this young man on money, something school and society doesn't teach, especially about the power of small growth.

I think the best work I have done can be found in the Chattel Report, the GROW AS YOU GO PLAN, where I went from a 100 dollars to several thousand in a matter or weeks. For an interesting modern uptake on this, you can see how this is done TODAY, if you read this thread at the Warrior Forum:

It is worth a couple of hours to read, and save all of savidge4's responses, he literally shows you how to do it.

What does this have to do with Marketing Appraisal

It is about the power of a little bit of cash in your hand vs the tens of thousands and millions in your future bank account, the latter being the jist of Internet Marketing gurus promotions;

Buy their thing, start making big bux now.

Isn't it?

I've never brought into that, albeit, have had my share of rain making days, and have always felt a slow and steady GROWTH approach serves most people better.

Anyhow, what can you do with 100 dollars? Well savidge4 and his family was able to turn that initial investment into far more than the 250 dollar goal, in fact, he shows how to build a real six figure a year business with reinvesting your profits.

The in and out 100 bux made from a quick Marketing Appraisal can be your seed money, which can be planted for a harvest of wealth, since that is what we are all about here at SowPub.

Any, tiny, little money making gig can be the beginning of something bigger.

IF you plan for it.

Anyone here, who has read a few Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert or Dan Kennedy books or works knows more than the average main street business person who is for the most part clueless as to how to get more customers in their doors. I feel safe in saying, all three of those guys made fortunes from showing small businesses how to get more or better customers.

The DEMAND is huge. Very few businesses don't want more customers. As I said above, it is low hanging fruit. So, if you did 6 in a month or in six weeks, you would have the same start-up capital as my Chatteling Protege has and then you could FLIP or invest that money into other things.

I am making him concentrate on Facebook Marketplace, as he develops his network of buyers.

I set the initial goal. Turn the 600 into 750, a modest, although realistic, goal.

Either the whole thing. Or 300 into 375, 200 into 250, and 100 into 150. These are sums which most would consider too low, they would HOLD onto the things because they KNOW they are worth more...and my first lesson is to show him how


every day of the week. You do NOT have to flip things for as much as you can, you can flip them faster, easier if your GREED glands stay under control.

Now, like a thousand people before him, he asked me; "What do I buy, what things do I look for?"

And of course, my answer, as it has been for 50 years, don't look for things, look for stored value and at demand, look at dollars, not items.

OK. What would you do with 600 bux? How would you turn it into 6,000 and how fast could you do that?

Just some food for your money making brains today.


Last edited by GordonJ : May 25, 2021 at 09:24 AM.
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