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Old May 31, 2021, 11:45 AM
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Default Here is my response Glenn.

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

Read Your "GIFT"

I am Thinking about The "BOMB" Stage of a Sales Letter.

My "Forbidden Book Lists" Sell Well.
My "Weird Copywriting Info Products Sell Well.

This Sales Letter Combines The two.

Too close to it.

Do you think The Two Benefits are Moving Towards a "Can't Say NO Bomb"
Effect or Turning readers off?



Thanks Glenn,

I may have to redo that 25 year old HOTSHEET and take the bomb off. Here's why:

In 1959 I was laying in a hammock we had between the two peach trees in the yard which provided shade all day long. I was just about ready to snooze off.

Then, my brother and his twin pyromaniac Jimmy from down the street, tossed a cherry bomb beneath it. The bomb went off, I jumped (or tried to), got tangled up and fell on my face; dazed and confused (alright, alright, alright {can't help myself}) …

and in a few seconds; ears ringing, adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, I heard their maniacal laughter as they went to torture Jimmy's little brothers.

I also have used the idea of throwing a brick through a plate glass window to get attention, and after thinking long and hard about your post, I was/am WRONG.

Tony Robbins is one of those guys who can use ADRENALINE to get his crowds excited, and through that, get some endorphins released...a very typical tactic used by almost all platform sales people going back to Hitler rallies (or Amway ones, not much difference) and they are effective when crowds get together.

Adrenaline isn't much good in most one to one sales or persuasion situations.

I imagine if you created a loud noise in the restaurant, you might get attention, albeit, not much in the way of rapport. An unexpected loud noise gets the wrong chemicals (drugs, if you will) released.

So, I have to make a correction to that HOTSHEET, which I've been so proud of all these years and maybe replace the bomb with a hot Sun and and FREE ICE CREAM pic.

Your elevator speech was a bomb, of the different kind, and your FREE reports which resonated with the target did the trick. And, in thinking back over half a century of selling, I can now identify the differences between when I overused ADRENALINE and underused ENDORPHINS, mainly because old timey salesman did it that way.

Many a sales guru of yesteryear did the DANCE, or got into the ring with the target prospect, and overcame those initial FIGHT of FLIGHT knee jerk responses of the person they were trying to influence, and some to a high degree of effectiveness.

I may be wrong, but with a ton of first hand research under my belt, I feel safe in saying very few highly successful remote direct marketing campaigns were adrenaline based...maybe a few for adventure experiences and such.

After testing various mind to mind (non-verbal) techniques during an immersive metaphysical period of my life, a different perspective and challenge was presented. I think Frank Young's work was as influential as anyone and he was light years ahead of others in the mind to mind persuasion category.

Today Glenn, I think your work is Cialdini good, maybe better. He went through the persuaders' courses, those whose livelihood depended on their ability to sell, and from that we got his ground breaking work on INFLUENCE.

What you are testing, and refining is a highly sophisticated way of direct mind to mind contact, control and “command”. The endorphin FLOOD, as Frank Young used and taught 50 years ago, is a secret weapon, or maybe better framed as a secret tool...we want to eliminate combat/war/confrontation from our vocabulary of mind to mind persuasion...those words can be used by the men who stare at goats.

Since I have no competition, I've never felt the need to crush them, roll over them like a tank, or treat them as hostiles. But that's me.

Go back about 16 years in our archives and one would find my discussion of the Mall EXPERIMENTS, which I did with people. These included throwing energy at someone in the food court, the “did you hear that” ice cream truck test, the “oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were a good friend” and other non-verbal techniques (using words only to not be creepy).

I don't know of any other “mainstream”, and I say that with tongue in cheek because you are not the typical mainstream guru, … no one else in this world of copywriting/persuasion is conducting and sharing their TESTS with us. MOST, and I mean 90%++++ are serving up the same old same old stories and techniques a bunch of dead guys from a long gone era used.

Sure the primary preoccupations are the same, human needs and wants remain the same and tons of new evidence have supported some of the tried, tested and true strategies dating back to PLATO and ARISTOTLE. All that, in my opinion, should be foundational stuff a persuader should know.

But other than some copy testing to extract more moolah from their crowds, I don't see much testing of some of the lesser more secretive known ideas.

So, I applaud you Glenn for testing and SHARING with us your results.

I have no idea what others get from your research, one thing I have gained is validation for my formula:

E of A = H (SoM) + Pi X I or one of the variations. This one says; The effectiveness

of your ATTEMPT to persuade/influence

is equal to the HARMONY

State of Mind PLUS



You have demonstrated to us how a big red nose, a card trick, a lottery ticket, a flashing ice cube, a glowing mask, a big pink teddy, etc., etc. all of those PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTERS are used to put the target into the right frame of mind, the endorphin state, the state of receptiveness, a state where the RAS relaxes, a state where the gates to the castle are raised or the drawbridge lowered.

So, I really appreciate your shares. As for the article on MEDIUM.

You and I both know opinions don't mean squat, it is the reason you TEST so much. I can assume the article you linked to will do very well with your followers, buyers, fans and members of your group. I'm fairly certain you won't have to tweak it very much to get favorable results.

I also know we share a certain “cryptic” style, or as I like to define my work, the words are more of a STEREOGRAM, where one has to see depth, which some, maybe most, can't do.

My opinion, most people aren't taught how to ask questions, or how to pursue a course of inquiry to get to deeper meanings. You like to hide goodies in plain sight, or between the lines and it may be (or may not be) a form of sorting or testing the reader to get the highest quality prospect to react. I don't know.

All works of persuasion begin with intent.

We have different purposes in our works, and not knowing intent, I find it impossible to render any opinions which would or should be considered.

I am entertained, sometimes enthralled, and even enthused by your work, so, for me, less of a bomb exploding in my head and more of a small spoon sample of ice cream on a hot summer's day, which means I would want more, maybe a bowl of mixed scoops. If that is what you intended, it worked on me, fair enough?


P.S. It is the reason we see UGLY (or not so handsome) comics getting really hot girls, laughter (the smile is the brief version) releases all the goodies: Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. A self chuckle before the meet and a throwing of energy to the other mind goes a long way to OP Rascon.

Last edited by GordonJ : June 1, 2021 at 10:02 AM.
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