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Dien Rice
March 25, 2018, 03:20 PM
If you are in need of a quick financial uptick, you must go to your strengths, even those which you haven't used in a long time.

IF you can write, write.
If you can talk, talk.
If you can advise, then advise.

If you can fix cars, do plumbing, or just about anything else, there is someone today who could use your expertise.[/url]
Gordon, I agree with you...

When you're financially down, you need to focus... Focus on what will bring in money.

We all have skills (sometimes multiple skills) that people will pay for. It could be sales skills (which is one of the best, because you can sell your own thing). It could be other skills...

I've found it's harder when you're in a tough place... Because you have so many additional worries in the back of your mind. It makes it harder to focus... You have to overcome that...

I've also made a recent "mental" change which I found helped me. I got it from Jeff Bezos - the founder of Amazon.com ...

When faced with a decision, Jeff Bezos pretends he's in the future, looking back... Will he regret taking this particular path he's considering? Will he regret NOT taking that path?

He takes the path that minimizes future regret!

I've been practicing this (since December), and I've found some amazing results...

So now, with big decisions, I always think... If I'm in the future, looking back, will I regret doing this? Will I regret NOT doing this? It helps to bring clarity to my decision-making... And I think I make better decisions for my future, too...

By the way, I also find it motivational. Thinking that (in the future) I'll regret something, motivates me to make sure that thing I'll regret doesn't happen...!

Best wishes,


P.S. Here's the article on Jeff Bezos's decision-making method...

Take Jeff Bezos's Advice For Success And Consider 80-Year-Old You

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