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March 25, 2018, 02:17 PM
Those who have talked to me on the phone know I'm not the most patient guy out there, usually, when I've heard enough, I want to move on.

But for some reason yesterday, I regained my youthful patience, that of JOB of bible fame...and listened intently to this older guys situation. He is a long time member here and he's hit bottom, I hope.

Well, among the health issues, living arrangements, place where he lives, family and friends...I finally said to him, You only have one problem you don't make enough money.

All of his health concerns are related to his not have adequate health insurance and a poor man's lifestyle of eating. Say what you will, but to really eat healthy is a lot more expensive than carb loading.

A gym membership, which goes unused isn't helping why not just get out and walk? Foot problems, shoe problems, leg problems...and I see where he needs a pool (health miracles occur in pools) and he can't afford that.

I told him again his lack of finances was what is keeping him where he is at, and then I asked him WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT?

And after some babbling, lots of excuses, this and that...I said the one thing he really needed to hear...

Danny, you lack focus.

Too many different things, you're plate is full of macaroni and cheese (maybe literally) and you are off on hunts with NO results.

I tell you this sincerely, Danny is not alone. So many choices. So much to do. Lots of shiny objects and greener pastures.

BUT if lack of money is THE problem, and having more of it is a solution to a myriad of problems then shouldn't that be the focus?

Well yes and no. Many will argue the spiritural sides of life are important, relationships too. But if you can't take of yourself, then you become a burden on others and certainly not a blessing.

How did we leave it?

I pointed out to Danny, he needs to learn to say NO to himself. He must shut down his own curiosity and FOCUS on the one thing he can do NOW, the one thing he can do to bring in more money and then he must LEVERAGE that by staying focused for a given amount of time.

My opinion, but I think DISTRACTION is the leading cause of lack. Focus has always been one of my cornerstones, along with Foundations and Framework.

Danny had a long list of what he could do, ideas he wanted to do, etc. etc. I knew him from back in the day when he was a very good salesman. I told him this and heard him groan.

He just did'nt want to do any selling. So, I said, good luck, don't call me anymore, OK?

I said, look...you know you can sell take a week and do that.

Well, he is, or so he said, we'll see.

If you are in need of a quick financial uptick, you must go to your strengths, even those which you haven't used in a long time.

IF you can write, write.
If you can talk, talk.
If you can advise, then advise.

If you can fix cars, do plumbing, or just about anything else, there is someone today who could use your expertise.

I believe in SPIDOG, Harvey Brody's acronymn for Soving Problems In the Direction Of your Goals.

If your goal is get back on track, or to restore health, have better relationships, build your future on FOCUS, and a good FOUNDATION of your strengths and around a solid FRAMEWORK of small successes right away.

Danny has many problems, but at the root of all his WOE is a lack, and maybe it is his lack of FOCUS which is the first weed he has to hoe out of his garden.

How about you? Will more money help solve a few problems or maybe not. Only you know. OK?


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