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Millard Grubb
November 17, 2021, 07:26 AM
Every day we hear about the ships stuck out west with no one to unload them.

We hear about goods not being available.

Over at our local Walmart, we have most everything we could want. Sure, we have a few items that are missing, but for the most part, most goods are available.

We made a point last year, when things were dicey to stock up on soups and other canned goods and get a small freezer. We haven't had issues.

One thing I did think about recently was a post from a well known website suggesting two items to get as trade items, if needed.

Liquor and cigarettes.

Ha ! I neither smoke or drink, so it would be fun having someone see me pick up a few cartons of cigs or a few bottles of Jim Beam.

I do remember reading over the years that these two items are especially valuable in hard times since people always want to smoke or drink, even when times are tough. (Or because of tough times)

The last few times I went to the store I noticed plenty of booze and cigs. There seems to be NO shortage here.

Something to think about.

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