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December 5, 2021, 02:10 PM


you will think this post sucks. OK. Fair enough.

Anyhow, today, I want to discuss the difference between ACTIVATION and ACTUATION.

Yesterday I listenend to an old seminar from Jack Canfield, and he was talking about how the movie, THE SECRET was edited, and left out some, well, secrets.

I giggled.

Anyhow, ol Jack went on to say he included these in one of his latest books (of course he did), so you won't miss out on anything all Law of Attraction and THE SECRET oriented.

So, what he said and almost all of those cult members said was...there is a POWER you plug into and manifest your every desire.

These many years later, I know of many people who have spent over a decade with THE SECRET and LOA, yet still have not manifested their ideal life. WHY?

This post will explain some of the why.

The vacuum cleaner. Buy a used one on craigslist, and the first thing you have to do is CLEAN it, empty the bag or cannister, maybe oil it, but get it ready to use. Most LOA teachers ignore this part of the process.

Too many people act as if they are/have a brand new vacuum ready to use.

So, there is an invisible POWER in your home. Wall sockets where you plug in electrical things.

Stick a bobby pin in it if you doubt there is power there, you'll find out quick enough.

Plug your Hoover in. It is powered. But it hasn't been activated. Many LOA tell you to turn it on.

And yes, now it is powered, but unless it is a roomba or a robot vacuum, there is only going to be one small spot which gets clean. Right?

This is where many thousands of THE SECRET followers got to, and were stuck on...they were POWERED, their imaginations active, their thoughts positive...their results...

well, less than spectacular.

And the reason for this is because they did not ACTUATE the vacuum. While reading this, think of operating a vacuum cleaner, move your arm like you would if doing it...and what you have is an ACTUATOR.

I qualified on two submarines, a nuclear powered and diesel one, with more valves than I can count, and learned a thing or two about ACTuators.

Probably could give a nice lecture on them...oh wait, I am.

It is the motion, the MOVEMENT of the vacuum which makes it useful...see, it can be plugged into the POWER, it can be activated, turned on...ready to go.

But until it starts moving, it is just a lot of noise and dust.

And we see many people who make a lot of noise, kick up dust, show us the way OTHER people are doing things, without actually getting around to actuate their own lives and manifest their own secrets.

Dien Rice, Ph.D. will tell you, it takes more energy to start something in motion than to keep it in motion but it takes very little to deflect it off course.

Likewise, with goals, dreams, wants, ambitions and what we want to attract to us is similar.

But even if you actuate and move your arm back and forth, if you don't also move your body around, you only clean a very small swath of your floor.

So, where are you with attracting what you want in your life in 2022? Are you still planning (which is ok as far as it goes), are you powered up, plugged in and turned on?

If not, you need to start there, then ACTuate your body and mind for a 2022 which doesn't suck, eh?


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