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Dien Rice
February 6, 2022, 04:15 AM
Some of my connections are in a buying FRENZY. Why? Supply problems, DEMAND rising, and the economy.

If you have JUNK sitting around your house, of almost any kind, NOW is a good time to turn it into cash.

Thanks Gordon,

Your post is an important post!

I'll tell you a funny story...

A few years ago, I bought a car from my friend... It was kind of old (1993), but it ran... When I bought it, the car was about 20 years old... It was a second car (my wife has a little bit fancier Prius)...

My friend was moving interstate for work at short notice, and he wanted to get rid of his car quickly... He wanted $500 for it, so I paid him...

Well after about 7 years, that car stopped running. I ain't no mechanic, but I was told that there was something wrong with the starter motor. To fix it would cost more than the $500 I paid for the car!

Well... I just sat on it... then, a couple of months ago, someone came to our door. He was offering $100 to buy the old car which didn't work any more (to sell for parts)...

My wife - who is an amazing bargainer (I've seen nothing like it) - managed to bargain him up to $200...

I couldn't believe it! I bought the car (working) for $500... then, many years later, sold it (not working) for $200...

But that's because we're in a crazy time of low supply... The value of the old, non-working car, had gone up...

Best wishes,


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