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February 7, 2022, 11:20 AM

As you have those awesome 2 topics at the Warrior Forum:

10 Ways to Make Money Without Starting a Business


Gordon reply to: The Fastest Way To Make Money

I would ask you your 10 Ways/Habits To Be Financial Independent or your 10 Ways To Never Be Poor In Your Life



OK, I'll do my best here, as long as one recognizes there is a lot of subjectivity in these questions, so these are my opinions.

Ways and habits, lets take them separately and define poor.

In order to be financially INdependent, one must first know the dependencies. Most won't argue a need for food, clothing, shelter. And then everything else.

I've known several people who were INDEPENDENT, yet could be labeled "poor" if they were only seen in dollar signs.

One of the most independent people I have ever known, never held a job, and that from about 1972 to today. He did, however, have a remarkable amount of talent and skill and converted those into his freedom.

He taught surfing at the beach, taught golf and tennis, painted houses, built tennis courts and to my knowledge worked under a basic business license for most of these activities. He would also TRADE or barter skills too. A tennis court might cost 60 thousand, with at least half of that in labor, so his labor would be bartered for other things. Rather remarkable too.

This was one of my ol Navy buds, and it seems that those days on the submarine bred more than one guy who just didn't want to be bossed around ever again. So we chose not to, or like me, quit at the first sign of AHoleness, which explains my 30+ jobs so far. HA.

So, if you were to look at Bud's social security, or to see him on paper, you would only see the story he wants you to see, but you would never know the reality of his life. Lots of adventures, doing what he wanted, seeing what he wanted, being with and around the kinds of people he wanted.

In my opinion, Ol Bud had more freedom and financial independence than any millionaire I played golf with. I use him as my personal hero of not working.

See? Most guys would work years to make the money only to be able to DO the things, to have the EXPERIENCES that Ol Bud did routinely, on little to NO cash outlay.

Then is the Sarge, whom I've written about, a WWII Vet who served with Patton, took a bullet to the head, raised a family worked a full time job, had several side gigs, lived in a modest home, drove modest cars but when he passed he was celebrated locally like a hero, he was so beloved.

Although the Sarge was NOT financially independent, he left no debt, a paid off house, money in the bank, insurance, and four adult kids who had a lifetime of positive memories.

So the Sarge, was one of the RICHEST men I have ever known.

See? Again, I'm rendering some opinion here. Mainly because I have known the financially free folk, some were great people and some, maybe many of them were huge jerks.

As to the WAYS to be financially independent, I would say this:

KNOW what that means to you.

What is the dollar amount, net worth, or bank account...in other words is your definition going to be dollar based? Is it just a balance sheet, or spread sheet, or bank account, or spending power, or having a black credit card?

Only YOU can define what financial independence would be for you? And if that IS an AMOUNT, then first thing would be knowing what that amount would be...

...then, as in everything GJA, a Plan of Action, incorporating whichever of those fastest ways to make money as suits the plan, and just do what needs to be done on the timeline to make it manifest.

As for the habits part. The ways would be the EXCHANGE OF VALUE methods one has chosen. In Ol Buds case, he had skills. With the Sarge, he had jobs.

Jobs, or working for others, or even a business, especially a brick and mortar one, requires routines; getting up, going somewhere, doing something and then repeating the routine over and over.

Today, if one had a MONETARY goal, an amount that they would be able to declare themselves Financially Independent, then my advice would depend on the amount. Above 10 million, I would suggest building a business a bigger fish would want, make it profitable and bait the bigger fish to buy it.

If only a couple of million, I would suggest some sort of recurring income which can be scaled up.

As for being POOR. Again, with my opinion, that is a state of mind, and the answer is simple: don't think of yourself as poor, even if at some point on the lifeline you are penniless and homeless, see it for what it really is...

...a moment of time, a photograph and see the little triangle down the road and then do what needs be done. But NEVER, ever THINK of yourself as being a poor person, that is one of the most selfish ideas in the world.

Because if anyone is truly poor, it simply means they are NOT giving anything to the world at all, so the solution to that "problem" is exactly the same for becoming Financially Free...

GIVE first, and do what the day needs you to do.

As for the map, I can only draw that once all the information was provided, and then like all map makers, wish one well on their JOURNEY, but not being a sherpa, send them down their road.


P.S. You might like this 14 minute exercise, also from the Warrior Forum, about 5 years ago.

Also, you'll find my VOICE has been consistent for these past 30 years.

What do you want? Why?

And I had the SQ1 for the HOW posted for 18 years. That's about all I got.

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