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Dien Rice
May 1, 2022, 02:02 PM
I wrote (about Agora)...

However, all of their newsletters nowadays (to my knowledge) are electronic. You subscribe, and it's a kind of "membership website" type of thing, where your password gets you into the newsletters you've subscribed to...

You can read them online, or download them as PDF files...
That was true about the subsidiary of Agora I worked for... But as I wrote, the subsidiaries of Agora all operate independently of each other (and compete with each other)...

I just found out that "The Oxford Communiqué" - published by the Oxford Club (a wholly owned Agora subsidiary) - is both printed, i.e. in paper and ink, and physically mailed out, and it can also be downloaded electronically too, according to their website...


Best wishes,


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