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May 2, 2022, 03:31 PM
This is a good idea.

Creative Crowd xpress (Adobe)




Are just a few of the many places which offer free templates

Why not lay one out, flesh out the idea, see what it looks like, print it out, think about the distribution, the articles, the frequency of printing...and the reason WHY any local merchant would want it.

And of course, the back ends. The ads. All the revenue streams and the effort it would take to bring it to life.

I suspect once you had one in your hands, you might get a better feel about the idea. If it works in your area, there you go, a franchise like business that can replicated hundreds of times over.


I'm with those who like the feel of an actual print edition of a newsletter (or book).

Being able to sit down in an easy chair and read instead of looking at a computer screen, even if you own a tablet of some sort, is comfortable. Perhaps it is just the "old school" way of things that I appreciate.

I also like the fact that something in print seems to add value to what is in print. As an example, for me, is that whenever my favorite author comes out with a book, I ALWAYS go for the print book, not digital.

With that in mind, wouldn't it be interesting to have a local newsletter for businesses that would help them get more customers and create more revenue? This newsletter would be specific to their area, yet give some hard-hitting information that could apply to just about every business.

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