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Don Alm
February 28, 2007, 08:56 PM
The guy who got me started in "Mail Order" and "Remote Marketing" stuff (meaning; making money from selling stuff that did NOT require..."Face-To-Face" selling)...was Jerry Buchanon.

Jerry was a "Direct Sales Guy" (like me)...who got tired of selling stuff "Face-To-Face".....so....he decided to move away from the Big City into a "rural" area (He made enuff moolah from his Direct Sales "job" to afford to buy a farm in Wash State....back when homes with 40 acres were selling for $40,000 (1972) Nowadays, the SAME property would be in the $400,000 range)(Too bad Jerry isn't around to see the "price explosion the last 5 years)

Well....he gets all moved into his new home (with some acreage) and when he gets ready to start planting a garden in his new "rural" lifestyle...he discovers his property is INundated with......GOPHERS!

These critters have taken over his property. They've dug up all his tulip (and other bulbs)....they dig up and eat....anything he plants in his new garden.

So...Jerry....being a resourceful guy....calls his local "Ag Agent" and others who might be able to tell him how to get rid of these pests.

To NO avail.

So....one day....as he's driving down the road from town to his home....he happens to look over at the Golf Course Grounds....directly opposite from HIS property. He pulls his pickemup truck over on the shoulder and....looks right, at the Golf Course...with NO Gopher Holes.....beautiful fairways with NO Gopher Holes. Then he looks left....at his fields with LOTS of Gopher Holes with MOUNDS of dirt around each hole.

So....as a man of good intelligence....he decides to go talk to the person in charge of the Golf Course Fairways.

He finds this person and asks him a question;

"HOW do you keep Gophers and Moles out of YOUR property?"

The guy tells him. (As I recall....it was some kind of PLANT that kept them away.

So.....Jerry goes ahead and plants THE plant that "DRIVES THE GOPHERS AWAY"....and "KEEPS THEM AWAY"!

So....Jerry discovers that the Golf Course GroundsKeeper's solution...WORKS!

So....even though Jerry has enough money for he and his wifee to live out their days on his farm....he wants to let others know HOW he..... got rid of his Gopher and Mole problem. So...he takes out an ad in a national Farm Magazine.

The Ad reads;

"Rid Your Property Of Gophers and Moles, Forever! Send $3 to Jerry Buchanon, Box xyz, Vancouver, WA"

Now....the "Ad-Taker" at the magazine tells Jerry that HIS Ad will appear in the 3rd month following, edition...which means....he should not expect to receive ANY responses for at least 2 months (which is normal...for any publication)

So....Jerry goes about his life of "living" on his "farm".

Then....one day....about 2 mos later....he gets a call from someone at the local post office....who says;

"Hey Jerry! Get yer buns down here to da Post Office! We got THREE BAGS of mail fer ya!"

So...Jerry gets down to the PO and sees....now FOUR BAGS of envelopes...all adressed to HIM.

Well....Jerry has just discovered that HUNDREDS of people want to know "HOW TO RID THEIR PROPERTY OF GOPHERS AND MOLES...FOREVER!"

Thus....THIS is the start of Jerry's intro into "Mail Order Sales".

This expererience inspired Jerry to start up a Newsletter (The TOWERS Club) and to write 2 Books on "Mail Order". (Jerry built up a HUGE subscriber base PRE-Internet....and passed away a few yrs ago) (And, again...Jerry was a HUGE inspiration to ME to get into and make money from..."Remote-Marketing)

When I moved to Oregon in 1990....after being a subscriber to his newsletter since 1977 (and had many Phone conversations with him)....I went up to meet Jerry in person and found him to be a wonderful human being.

So....it NOW comes down to my reason WHY....I instigated this dissertation in the first place....which is...

....I happened to run into an old friend at lunch today and he told me he is having one HECK of a time with "Gophers and Moles" this year. He's "tried everything" and nothing works.

Soooo.....I am appealing to some of the "Ol'-Timers" here...who may remember....WHAT....Jerry's solution for "getting rid of Gophers and Moles Forever"....was.

I can't find "Jerry's solution"...which was simply ONE PAGE.

So....if anyone HERE can remember what it was....please respond here or send me an email so we can try Jerry's Solution.

Thanks for your help,

Don Alm

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