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May 28, 2007, 01:55 AM
Discrimination happens. You can't stop it. Infact, it serves a somewhat useful purpose too. Its how you deal with "personal" discrimination that matters.

(For eg: while I was staying in USA - I've been asked "Do you know English" sooo many times! I didn't let it bother me.)

Its Agassis choice - if he should keep on playing, or let the TV interviewers get to him and quit.

TV interviewers will keep on raising the question because "Old Agassi beats ______" makes a better story than just plain "Agassi beats _____".

Anything out of the ordinary will be focused on. 37 year old tennis player who isn't thinking about retiring is somewhat out of the ordinary - based on past history.

Why do the insurance companies discriminate? Insurance is based on "group probabilities". More old people get sick or die than young people. So it makes sense to charge higher premiums to the more riskier groups. Its just how it should be or else it would turn into something socialistic.

Charging the same premium to everyone without regarding their age, habits etc just doesn't make good sense.

Thank you for allowing me to make a very politically incorrect post.

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