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Sandi Bowman
May 28, 2007, 02:52 AM
Group probabilities...yes, but what IF the individual doesn't fit the 'pattern' they go by to determine their rates? What if they're the exception and have a very healthy profile and actual death probability of a person twenty or more years younger? Shouldn't the individual be judged by the reality of their situation? Isn't this just flat out age discrimination? You bet it is!

You see, this is just something the insurance companies, as they evolved later, figured out to pad their pockets at people's expense who could probably least afford it. People who have paid them a small fortune over their lifetime for coverage suddenly, when they need it most, are ousted by one means or another. It's a ripoff, IMHO.

Originally insurance was simply a coverage for emergencies for a group of people with a common basis such as membership in a Grange (no other qualifiers needed). When formal insurance companies/policies came into being they incorporated a lot of B.S. that basically makes insurance one of the riskiest investments possible for older folks or anyone with chronic problems of any age. They hold all the cards but they've become abusive with the way many of them are implementing things and cancelling group policies (without transfer or replacement privileges) wholesale. It's a cruel joke...on the elderly particularly.

Sandi Bowman

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