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View Full Version : Any Updates to Harvey Brody's 4th Gear?

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August 4, 2007, 04:27 AM
I was just browsing my old Harvey Brody manual, but it's kind of hard to read because it has a lot of water damage (maybe I have Gordon's copy, since he lost his in a basement flood).

Anyways, I was reading the part about the "4th Gear" which is basically licensing. Harvey says that there are 4 gears you can operate your business on... and the 3rd and 4th would have created wealth faster for him... if he had discovered them earlier.

3rd gear is when you are a virtual manufacturer, and you outsource the manufacturing. 4th gear is licensing your idea or concept.

However, I was also reading an internet post recently that claimed Harvey has gone way beyond his earlier teachings.

I've always thought that licensing was the "holy grail" of business -- no business hassles and no financing problems -- but residual income from an entire industry.

Does anyone know if there was an update to the course... or if there is a "5th" gear? Does anyone know what Harvey is up to?

Someone should get the rights to re-publish his old courses.


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