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Larry Foster
August 14, 2007, 06:53 AM
Thanks everyone for all the good advice.
This is a good discussion.
I think USPS.com is the best service offered bythe post office. I would have used it. It would have been fast, simple and professionally done.
In this particular case, he wanted live stamp. Not sure why.
As far as labels, I don't like them and the client wanted them printed on the card. I think there's a big difference in impression for someone who receives something with a label.
About using a print shop, quantities come into play and none of the local printers could or would print my cards with the addresses.
This client just received his leads and wanted them mailed ASAP.
The bigger picture is that I want to expand this into a service for my consulting clients. Kind of a one stop shop. And it would be part of creating a regular additional stream.
Creating various marketing pieces and being able to deliver the whole process seems to increase my value to them.
Thanks, again and look forward to any other ideas on this.
PS. Phil, interesting way to spot this as an opportunity. You do a great job of having your "lookers" out all the time.

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