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Larry Foster
August 12, 2007, 08:25 AM
After several days of frustrations, I would appreciate your help.
I recently got a new consulting client, a mortgage broker. As part of the service, I offered to mail his leads.
I want to use a postcard with merged names and addresses.
Since my old inkjet printer is about done, I thought I'd grab a laser.
That's when my troubles began.
Printing on card stock, the laser rolls the paper through putting a curve in the paper that just doesn't want to come out. Then when I try to print the opposite side, it won't pick up the paper.
I have tried 2 different printers in the last 2 days and fought constant jams and other problems.
Since budget is a consideration, here is what I tried.
Samsung CLP 300 and HP Color Laser Jet 1600.
The Samsung was fast but created the worst curl.
The HP had trouble picking up the card stock even with the initial print before curl.
As I type this, I'm trying out a cheap Epson inkjet. Surprisingly, I think this will work for now.
But, I'd like to be able to expand my services to do more desktop publishing for my clients. Perhaps brochures, newsletters...
Even though this cheap inkjet may solve my immediate problem, I'm looking for a longer solution.
Thanks, as always.
Larry Foster

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