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Sandi Bowman
August 12, 2007, 12:06 PM
Hi, Larry,

I tried every machine available locally when my old Canon inkjet finally bit the dust after many years of hard use. Super machine would print on danged near anything. Customer service was excellent. A new Canon was not cost effective at that time.

My experience with HPs (several models) were a bad joke...constant jams no matter what and extremely difficult to unjam.

Epson worked okay but not good for high volume use as it has too many plastic critical parts.

Lexmarks were all over the place...some problematic and a couple really great ones. Lee uses a Lexmark X3350 and loves it. Lexmarks are not known for their longevity (by reputation but not our experience) but they're certainly consumer friendly price-wise for both machine and inks. If you go that route, do get the high capacity tanks as they last far longer than they claim and work great...for not much more than the standard tanks.

I finally got a Brother MFC and love it. No problems at all no matter what I try with it. Hardest problem with the machine was the setup with our phone system for the fax etc.

All the machines I tried were inkjets as the lasers are not good for asthmatics and, from recent reports, for anyone else either health-wise.

Hope this helps.

Sandi Bowman

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