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August 21, 2007, 03:46 PM

Dien and I are working on something, and I may have deleted a new thread that had some very good advice in it. My sincere apologies.

Please repost if you can.

It was about getting a "commission" only sales job, I think ads on the back of receipts at the supermarket?

Again, I'm sorry. When doing something new and exciting, you (meaning ME) have to be extra careful you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Gordon Jay Alexander MR. OOOPS.

Hi Gordon,


Here's Part II.



Unread May 15, 2007, 12:35 AM
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Default Re: Sales job interview Weds. How can I nail it?
Thanks for asking Henry.

Act like you already have been hired. Before the interview, make a list/plan of how you would do the actual selling.

Then simply show that list to the person who is taking the interviews.
- Ankesh Kothari

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May 15, 2007, 09:42 AM
Kelly Kasabian

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Default Re: Sales job interview Weds. How can I nail it?
Henry -

Along with everything above (re: study the company etc.) ...you need state "you" as often as possible to them (the hiring party). You need to explain what you bring to the table in being able to affect their bottom line ...therefore you need to state to them how you're going to break down barriers - if you can provide examples in the form of a story where you convinced someone of something simply by "handling their objections". It's that simple. You need to also show you understand that 90% of all people buy on emotion - then back that emotion up with logic ... and most important - the best salesman understand that sales is a process ...and in that process you have to ask questions that reveal their base emotions ...

...so try and ask the hiring people questions yourself ... turn the interview around and ask them:

1/ What's their biggest problem they need solved?
2/ What effect is that problem having on them (their business)?
3/ What will happen if they don't solve it? (assume it will get worse)

...then roll this into how you're assuming this is something they need to change ... they're probably looking for help in the matter ..and here's HOW YOU ARE GOING TO HELP THEM.

Now - don't say you can help if it turns out there biggest problem is that they need a qualified brain surgeon ... (then again, if that were the case, it's not outlandish that you could do your best to find the best person, but you get what I mean) ...

..the whole idea is - that you're showing them that you understand the motivations of customers ...that there is a process to them becoming aware that goes like this:

1/ they have an unwanted condition
2/ that condition is having an effect on their life
3/ they fear that if they don't solve that problem, it will get worse
4/ they need to change this
5/ they demand improvement
6/ they hope they can find help
7/ you provide the help.

This is the standard for the health and fitness industry - but it can be applied to practically anything ...

...just remember - sales is mostly handling objections ...but not being a pain in the rear about it ...so they're going to throw objections at you (if they're worth their salt in finding good sales people) ...so turn anything like that that they throw at you into the following:

"Okay -(repeat their objection back to them as a question)... that makes sense...I can see how you feel that way... I'm sure a lot have/might/probably felt the same ...but what you'll find is __________"

...and then just throw in your best answer that you can think of - even if it's silly. The whole idea is that in doing that one sentence, you're giving yourself time to formulate an answer and also you're showing them that you're taking their objection seriously.

There's a lot more to say ...and there are some good "sales interview questions" that you should do a google search for that you can be expected to get asked ...be prepared for them.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes...

Kelly Kasabian
May 15, 2007, 12:42 PM

Default 3 Proven Ways to Make Job Interviewers WANT YOU
Dear Henry,

Thanks for the question.

I've had several dozen jobs. So I guess I qualify as an Expert.

3 Questions:

Question #1 - CAN You Research the competition?

Look at some ads at monster.com. Then Call up 2 or 3 local competitors of your new employer. Tell them you're ALREADY employed in sales for a competitor. (Don't say which one) You're just calling to check if their are sales jobs open. And what they pay.

THEN - when you walk into your appointment. Your interviewer will be on the defensive. Because you are name dropping the competition.

Q #2 - CAN You Ask Questions the interviewer cannot answer?

You NEVER want to allow the Personnel Dept to decide to hire you or not. So ASK some questions they can't answer. Which will force them to refer you to the manager you'll be working for.

Q #3 - Can you change your point of view?

Instead of begging for a job. Ask this question...that shows you are choosing who to work for...

If I am to represent your company, what does the CEO or company owner or #1 sales person say is different, better or unique about the product or service you offer?

Why should clients buy from you INSTEAD of your competitors?

IF nobody at the company can answer that question in
2 minutes or less. You do NOT want to work there.

IF they can't tell you why you should buy from their company - YOU will have Big Trouble convincing new prospects to buy.



P.S. - What kind of sales job are you interviewing for?

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