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January 19, 2010, 02:32 PM
"Go Video!"

Whenever I've mentioned "Websites" to local business owners, their reaction has been negative. They don't "need" one or they know some kid who'll "put a site up for them for peanuts."

HOWEVER....their whole attitude changes when I mention the words, "OnLine Video Commercial" for their biz.

Whether they have a site or not....their eyes glaze over, their WHOLE ATTENTION shifts to me..... and their reaction is, "How Much?"

So....instead of trying to "Fight" for customers....make it easy on yourself ....tell them you're putting together a "Video Website" with VIDEOS of local businesses.

And....even those with sites will WANT an "OnLine Video Commercial".

You don't need to go buy a CamCorder. Just a digital cam and PhotoStory3 or Windows Movie Maker...both Free.

Here's a couple of examples;
www.VideoSomething.com and www.WhatsHotSouthJersey.com

In fact....to help you get started, take your digital and go visit an independent-owned retail business. Go in and tell the owner you'd like to make a Sample Video Commercial of his business....at NO obligation.

Take 10 to 15 photos of the outside, inside and of some products. Put together a PS3 Video with Title, Text and background music. Burn a DVD disk.

Go to Wally World and pick up a Portable DVD Player (Phillips $80)

Put your DVD into the Portable DVD Player.....go show the owner. Explain you'll put this video ON your website for $590 which includes 3 months hosting. $295 now and $295 when the video is online.

2 of these a week and you have a biz that's putting $1,000 in yer jeans every week. And....after 13 weeks (26 orders x $590 = $15,340) you get to start collecting $75 x 3 = $225 for the next 3 mos, from every customer.

Works for me.

Don Alm

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