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Marty K.
January 19, 2010, 01:40 PM
I've been off of the board for quite a while for various reasons - I mainly had to go back into the job world, which I'm still in.

Just a couple of things. First, if Sandi is still on here, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about how I came across at one point - I believe I was out of order. I wanted to mention that first.

I have a question about a community site I started a while back. Now, I don't know the viability of community sites these days. I also had researched City America previously and found that many members were not doing well after I had contacted them.

However, I feel that I have great domain for a rapidly growing city, Henderson Nevada. Don Alm had originally suggested the city and the domain name to me. Please note that most of the business on there at this time are only samples.

Please, can anyone give me some suggestions on how I could make a real go of it? Otherwise, I suppose I'll take it down. I need some really strong ideas, and not just putting the weather on there, info about local shows, ect. I don't even know if classifieds would be a good idea or not.

If someone has any inclination to do a JV, I also would not be closed to the idea.

Anyway, here is the link - and thanks:


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