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May 20, 2012, 01:33 AM
Thanks Tom,

You're on to something.

I interviewed a consultant charging 25K a day.

He never submits a "Proposal" because the word intimates his prospect
might say "No".

Instead he sends an "ACTION PLAN." People Luv to think of themselves
as TAKE ACTION TYPES. And he gets a "YES" more often.

(I've not written a Proposal since.)

You seem to be saying
there is a similar underlying PAIN
involved with the word "APPOINTMENT".

Because an Appointment is perceived as a sales appt. Thus the word "Meeting" might be better.

My Tests Agree.

In fact I shy away from mention of both words "Appointment or Meeting."

75K a Month Telemarketing CASE STUDY -

After I referred a Phone sales client to a 2nd Client wanting to sell
Leads to Orthadontists at 75K a month I discovered a big Problem.

They had ZERO Case Studies or Success Stories with Orthadonists!

YOU try getting time (Making Appts) with cynical
Practice owners who get all their
patients BY REFERRAL from Dentists
Without paying!

Our Solution?

A 3 Step TIME-TO-TALK Bribe System.

Step I - Call and talk your way to the practice owner.

Step II - A Checklist of 14 Proven Million Dollar Bullets or Headlines
the Practice owner can CHECK OFF Items He's Interested in Finding Out

Step III - Then we schedule TIME TO TALK about the Million Dollar
Checklist. (The closer is credentialed and can segue into the 75K Lead
generation Program.)

As you can tell
we Stay Away
from any Whiff of Sales Lingo at this point.

PLUS this method Turns GATE KEEPERS into HELPERS
because they can SEE Their Boss Will Be Interested.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Wanna SEE the 14 Million Dollar CHECKLIST?

Below is a link to FREE ezine #2293 -


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