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Old September 27, 2000, 11:50 AM
Ricky Higgs
Posts: n/a
Default A Magical MatchBox In My Sock Draw

I want to share with you a story....

Some 20 years ago, when I was just starting out in my direct selling career,I went on a sales call…. I’ve never forgotten….

At the time, I was selling home insulation…. I got this lead from a strange guy who phoned our office, who said; “I ‘m interested in your product… However, I think you’ll be more interested in a secret I want to share with you “…

Well I arrived at this guy’s house at the appointed time, intrigued by his comment…. The door opened…. Before me stood an old man, winter in his hair and chin, all dressed in white….. His weathered face projecting that worldly experience and wisdom that only comes with later years.

He sat quietly… While I delivered my pitch …. Nodding in agreement every now and then and listening as a wise man always does.

He uttered no objections … I made the sale…. After asking him to “press hard Sir… three copies… and okay the order form”… He left the table and went into a back room… Thinking he had gone to get his check book to pay the deposit…. He returned with two boxes in his hands….
A large shoebox and a matchbox sitting on top. The shoebox was labeled with a brand of footwear I recognized … The matchbox was not a brand I had seen… It looked like one from many years before my time.

He opened the shoebox…. It was crammed full of $20 bills…. I estimated there must have been at least $50,000 in it.

He said calmly, “How much do you want?”…. I responded; “Err…$200 will be fine, Sir”…. He promptly handed me the box and said, “Take it”.

I counted out the ten twenties and asked him to check if I had taken the right amount…. He said, “That won’t be necessary, Lad…. Instead, I want you to look inside a much more valuable box…. This little matchbox”

I was intrigued and curious… What could possibly fit in that little box that could be worth more than all the dough in the shoebox…. Maybe it was diamonds, or some other precious stones?

Like a kid in a candy store, I quickly slid open the matchbox…..
To my amazement…. There was a pre-decimal coin (a shilling) and a folded up piece of paper inside…. “Err…Excuse me, Sir… But there’s only a coin in here and a piece of paper?…. I don’t understand?”
“Is it a rare coin?”

He replied, “Son… Now read what it says on that piece of paper in the box”

I carefully unfolded the note that I noticed had yellowed with age….
I observed it had been written using a fountain pen…
I read it out aloud;
“Here I put enough money to buy a loaf of bread today… I shall never be hungry as I will always have money… dated July 1941”

(It was 1980 when I read this… It meant that matchbox and note was 39 years old)

I said, “I don’t understand, Sir?”

He replied; “My boy… This is the secret to my wealth, passed down to me from my grandfather…. And it can be your secret as well…When you go home tonight, I want you to put what it costs you today for a loaf of bread in a small box and write the same message as you’ve read…. Close the box and keep it with you always, … Put it in a draw you use everyday…. But you must never open the box and spend the money you’ve placed inside, never ever…. Until your dying day…. Always remember you could once afford a loaf of bread…. And I promise you …. You will never go without or ever be hungry and one day you will have a shoebox of money just like mine and much much more!”

I drove home… Happy I’d made the sale… But I couldn’t get the matchbox idea out of my mind…. It played on my mind for days… This was the weirdest experience I’d ever had… The one sale I’ve never forgotten.

I wrote a note, and placed fifty cents in a Redhead branded matchbox beneath the socks in my draw…..

I’ve never had to spend that money in that box, and I’ve always got money in my wallet, more than I need…. Twenty years have passed and everyday I change my socks …. I still think about that little matchbox and that man…. And you know… I believe that I never will go hungry….

Now I understand…..
That’s the power of suggestion…. An affirmation I wrote 20 years ago that is now well entrenched deep within my subconscious that empowers me and provides the answers I need to make a shoebox of money....

I know ....
You Will Make Your Own Little Box Today

Warmest Regards

Ricky Higgs

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