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Old July 17, 2007, 06:06 PM
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Smile Re: Spiders and Snakes and Scorpions in Florida, OH MY!!!...

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for mentioning The Brown Recluse Spider.

SCARY Little Creatures, to say the least.

Pretty GROSS Pics here with possible Brown Recluse Spider Bites:
(Warning: Do NOT Click this link if You are Squeemish with Graphic Pics
such as Wounds and Rotting Flesh,)
(snopes says that the status is undertermined.)

Here is one of the most SCARIEST Spiders (next to the Recluse)
that I've encountered:

These buggers Actually CHASE YOU!
Yep, I've been chased by one about 10 years ago and will NEVER forget the experience.

Wife STILL teases Me about the time I threw a shoe at one that was across the room in the house and
There was NO WAY that I was going to get close to it to get rid of it...

This happened about a few weeks AFTER I got chased by it,
before SHE noticed the spider in the house...

One more that was SCARY is the Banana Spider.
They don't chase You and they are quite peaceful for a Spider,
but they are HUGE!!!
They are literally the size of an average man's hand!
(You can read about some of it here:

There was a 'swarm' or 'rash' of Banana Spiders
(again, about 10 years ago)
in a certain area where I used to live.

I was mowing the lawn one day and walked into one of its webs.
It was crawling on My leg!
I TOTALLY Freaked Out!!!
HUGE Spider... Thing was bigger than LIFE!

... anyway, I was lucky enough to have been able to just 'swat' the thing off of My leg...
It looked similar to this:

I won't even get into the Scorpions... haha

Hope that You're feeling MUCH BETTER and Hope that when You make Your next 'Snow Bird' trip down here in the Winter,
You'll stop by this area and let Me buy You a cheeseburger!
(Without the Spiders, of course... HA!)


Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Hi Phil,

I came back up June 15. I was bit by something, we thought it might have been a brown recluse spider. My brother-in-law was bit too. Only common places we ate were The Olive Garden, which has a spider story going around.

Anyhow, I got very sick and I'm still awaiting blood test results. I sent Dien a video of the nasty looking thing, looked like a small volcano on my arm.

It could have been a tick. Or some other critter. I know for a FACT it was not a Gator (unless you include that bouncy U of FL cheerleader I met) that put the hurt on me.

I think I'll stick to FL in Winter only. Ah FreeCycle...after I wrote about it in The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling, it exploded...must have been ME? eh?

Since I've been back, NEO has been almost perfect. I should be back on the trail this Fall. Just got back from Presque Isle, taking little two and three day jaunts now. Got to stick close by until I get the green light on the bite, whatever it is.


PS. When in O HI O that particular T doesn't get'll find me in a Scarlett and Grey VEST. HA!

PSS. My UPDATED and revised HOTSHEET report will be posted soon at

One big addition is about and the distributor potential they offer. And some of the new HOTSHEETS I spoke about will be showcased too. All this for 10 bux...I must be outta my mind...or it could be the spider bite making me do crazy things.
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