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Old May 12, 2003, 08:21 AM
Michael Ross (Qld, Aust)
Posts: n/a
Default What a crock...

> The way I build prospects is making ebooks.

What kind of prospects are you talking about here? People to buy your "How to market on the internet" book?

> Give about two weeks to making an ebook
> (there are tons of free software to make
> them, email me and I will send you the
> links) that has a concept about how to get
> traffic.

Why not post all the links here. Show how truly generous you are instead of trying to use this enticement as a list building ploy.

> The most successful way to make money is to
> have an opt-in list that trusts you and sees
> you as somebody that wants to help you
> throughout the way.

No. The most successful way to make money is to sell a product people want. To do so ethically and honestly.

> ListFire
> allows you to build a huge opt-in list for
> free.

Don't know how seriously we can take your recommendation because it is your affiliate link. Makes us think you only posted it so YOU would get something out of anyone who clicks through.

Say your book revolved around this
> concept..."Maximum exposure = ebooks,
> ezines, and opt-in lists." You can
> easily place a link to recommend ListFire as
> it is a way to build a targeted opt-in list
> for free. If you are a SubscriptionRocket
> member ,
> you can bring it up in the ezine part of
> your ebook.

Another affiliate link. I see... you only post to get people through on your affiliate link. Hmm.

It has a good concept(get your
> ezine showed five times for every hit you
> get, I and is free to join.

Wow... you're only the millionth person to come and tell us all how wonderful Subscription Rocket is. Sorry Erik... seems you are a bit late to the party.

> you have subscribers to your ezine and you
> supply them with good and helpful content,
> then that is a portion of your trusting
> opt-in list.

Um. Yeah. Ok.

> What I did was downloaded a ton of free
> ebooks,

You mean, like the free ebooks you recommend everyone to write.

read them, figured out how to
> advertise within good content, brainstormed
> a bunch of ideas, deleted all of the ebooks
> and looked for others.

Ah. So you are just another freebie seeker.

There are a lot of
> good free ebooks, but the majority are just
> trying to sell you something in the end.

A bit like your post.

> Dont you hate ebooks that state they can
> help you in specific areas, but every page
> and link redirects to a sales page?

Yeah. I also hate people who post old hat info they have compiled from elsewhere under the guise of being helpful, when all they are really doing is using the dubious article as a way to get around the anti-advertising rules. And I especially hate it when someone spews back the stuff they got from the free books as if they were some kind of expert or something.

> Thats why its key to give thought into an
> ebook. You can make a whole bunch of
> half-ass ebooks and try and promote them
> all, or promote everything you want through
> an organized, well compilated free ebook.

Let me get this straight...

YOU download free ebooks. Read them. Delete them. Then tell others that writing free ebooks is a good way to get exposure as people will pass your ebook around (instead of deleting them like you do). Am I missing something?

> #1 reason people use the internet and
> consider it.....Information

People use the internet?

WOW. Thanks for pointing that out.

> Supply them with good information and they
> will want to hear from you again. Good
> content builds credibility and thats what
> you need to gain maximum exposure.

Is this based on your experience or are you simply repeating what you read in all those free ebooks you downloaded and then deleted?

> You can promote an unlimited amount of
> programs, but they need to have a reason for
> being there and tie into the main concept of
> your book. Also, if you are distributing an
> ebook, every resource and program should be
> little or no cost whatsoever.

Oh. More free stuff.

> Why would I want to read an ebook that I
> have acquired for free when its filled with
> links to stuff I have to pay for.

Beats me. Then again. Why would you download free ebooks, delete them, then try to tell other people to write free ebooks.

> wants that and few except that. This is what
> you should do to keep in touch with the
> person that decides to take a look at your
> ebook,

I'm listening...

> Make a well built download page that simply
> explains the concept to your ebook and how
> the person reading it will benefit.

Hey. It's free. The freebie crowd doesn't care about benefits. Put a couple of features on a page, tell them it's free and why and just as many people will download your ebook.

And in return, you get a list of people who are looking for free stuff.

Have a
> form that links to a free autoresponder
> (GetResponse,FreeAutoBot, SendFree, etc) and
> have the instant message be the download
> link.

Great. More free things.

This is what gets me... people claiming they want to make money online but they are unwilling to spend money anywhere.

Now you can check out your leads list
> and see who had downloaded your ebook. These
> are people you should try and build
> relations with

I thought the free eBook was supposed to build my relationship because it was so good.

> Contact all of them and ask them what they
> thought of the ebook. How acccurate and
> helpful the content was, and overall if they
> benefited from it.

They don't want to tell you about your book. They most likely deleted it shortly after reading it - just like you do.

If they wanted to stay in contact with you they wouldn't want all your free stuff.

If you gave thought into
> your ebook and wrote some great content,
> they will reply back with "I liked
> it."

Will they. Oh. This sound so contrived. Hey, what do you think of my eBook? I liked it. Pure fluff.

If you hurried it, they might
> reply back with "That was a waste of
> time"(which hurts sometimes)

Doubtful. They just won't reply. And YOU have tainted another person's impression of free ebooks.

If they
> liked it, then you should offer them to
> subscribe to your newsletter (which will
> help in what they are trying to achieve) or
> ask them if they would like to take a free
> ecourse that you have made, assuming you
> have.

What's with all the free stuff?

Listen. You cannot eat free electrons. All the nice comments in the world ain't gonna pay your bills. And every time you spend time giving away free ebooks is reducing your money to time ratio. You might as well go work a Mikey D's for all this freebie giving is worth to you.

Or you can simply ask for permission
> to keep in contact with them and send them
> any resources that you see as helpful.

Like more free stuff.

> If they say yes, thats somebody else to your
> opt-in list. Give them good and free
> information and resources.

More free stuff. Sheesh. You really haven't marketed anything online before have you. You're just repeating stuff you've read haven't you.

Dont promote
> program after program and dont try to sell
> something in the beginning.

Why not? Because that's not what the free ebook you read said?

That might
> discourage them from wanting to consider
> anything from you!

Bull. If you have analysed the market correctly you can sell them right off the bat because they are looking for what you have.

Why don't you try and build a normal business using your endless-freebie model.

You can't. Bills needs to be paid. Food needs to be put on the table.

I can just see it now...

Free lawn mowing. Did you like it? Yes. Good. Want more free lawn mowing but this time with garden weeding? Sure. Like it? Yes. Would you now like to have me fertillise your yard for free? Oh yes.

Yeah. You'll last a week (if that) giving everything away all the time in the real world.

This free idea is passe. It's no more. The "gurus" are only just now starting to wake up to it.

It takes a while to build
> trust between someone and once you hit that
> point, the majority of the time they will
> consider and purchase your product because
> they see you as somebody who wants to help
> and wants to see you succeedas they have.

No. They will purchase your product because it is what they are looking for.

But I tell you... the way you describe it sounds as if you are advocating people become internet marketing gurus. As if we need more of them.

> If you havent succeeded, dont say that you
> are an internet marketing guru. You will get
> caught and its noticible who is and whos
> not.

Speaking of the devil.

> Again back to the ebook, at the end write
> something about yourself and include a
> picture if possible.

Why? Maybe it will scare away the reader. BTW, where is YOUR picture?

If people know that you
> are willing to be seen and are willing to
> include information to contact you, they
> will feel like they know you and can trust
> you to an extent.

If you don't BS people they will trust you more. Subterfuge just never works.

> Promote another free ebook inside a free
> ebook.

Oh My God. It's like one those Chinese Dolls - free ebooks inside of free ebook inside of free ebook.

Mention a topic that somewhat relates
> to your main concept of the ebook, and say
> that they can get get this ebook here.
> Example:

> *Concept is getting the most exposure with
> the smallest amount of work through traffic
> exchange programs(click-thru, autosurf,
> class ads, and banners)

Well I gotta say.... EXPOSURE DON'T PAY BILLS. AND, it can send you broke REAL fast.

It's easy to get exposure. Bid REAL HIGH on a couple of key words with Google. You'll get all the exposure you want.

Banner ads are dead!

> *In it you can mention that traffic exchange
> programs are only a small portion of
> advertising your business, and that opt-in
> lists and ezines can promote your business
> greatly*

You mean promote more of your free stuff. Umph.

> With this being said, I would say "I
> have a great, free ebook that is packed full
> of ideas on how to build a targeted opt in
> list and get maximum exposure through
> ezines. You can email me here for
> this." Do not send that link to an
> autoresponder, answer it personally with a
> thanks for considering it.

Tell you what. How about selling something instead.

> If somebody wants to read another ebook that
> you wrote, than they like the information
> that you provided and want to consider what
> you have to offer. In that ebook you can
> advertise another free ebook that you wrote.

Again with the free. Erik, you gotta do some real marketing and stop reading all those free ebooks.

> This comes to the conclusion that free
> ebooks have the power to start an exposure
> virus.

This comes to the conclusion you have no experience and are just repeating something you read or heard somewhere.

If you like your ebook and would
> consider other people to read it, ask ebook
> publishers if they will put a link to it in
> the next issue as a subscribers free bonus.
> If you are sketchy about the quality of your
> ebook, dont promote it and do some more
> research.

More research. Like this article. Based on researching of free ebooks and repeating some of their content without knowing if any of it applies in the real world of online marketing.

There are tons of sites that you
> can submit your free ebook to and you can
> offer it to your ListFire list.

And I bet they are all free too. eh?

> By using the autoresponder you know who
> considered your ebook. You build relations

I thought only Clinton has relations...

> and trust with them by providing free
> resources and information that they
> benefited from.

More free. Jeez. Give the free thing a rest.

> One last note**You can offer for your book
> to be branded with other peoples link, thus
> creating an even more deadlier exposure
> virus.

Doubtful these days.

> Think of this..

Ok. I will think...

> You have an ebook that contains your
> listfire link. Ask ezine publishers to give
> it away in their newsletter or ezine.

What's in it for them to do that?

> people download it and follow the plan
> meaning that they sign up at listfire under
> you.

Under you? Uh oh. Sounds like a MLM thing.

You can add something like "If you
> would like to brand this ebook with your own
> links and give it away for free, then please
> email me." They can request to rebrand
> your ebook.

> Im still a little confused on how to get a
> brander to your ebook, so I send them to
> websites that I have made, copy the source
> code, replace my urls with theirs, and put
> those documents into an ebook compiler.

A free compiler no doubt.

> Create the ebook and now you have an ebook
> to give away with all of your links. They
> will promote that ebook and give it away
> which contains their listfire url. People
> that go with the plan will sign up under
> them ( you get credit up to 15 levels...I
> a free member) which means that
> you will start to get tons of sign-ups and
> only a little amount of the work was done by
> you. Not only ListFire, but any other
> program that was branded with your url.

15 levels. Yep. Just as I said. MLM.

MLM is a FRAUD. It is a ZERO SUM business.

> Two factors to promotion: Viral Marketing
> and Duplication.

Nah. Seems all you are interested in is convincing people how wonderful this listbot thing is so they can use your link and sign up under you.

> If youve got these strategies down, then you
> should be making a good amount of money on
> the internet.

Huh? The only strategy you talked about was giving free ebooks away which contained links to other free ebooks. You cannot make money giving stuff away. No matter how much you give away. Money does not magically appear.

Once you get people wanting to
> brand it, they will start to do the work for
> you. That doesnt mean you stop doing work,
> but you will have more time to create other
> ebooks and work on other programs.

Oh. So I can have other people give free books away which allows me time to WORK and create more free ebooks.

> Ive got a lot more ideas, but I will post
> them later

If they are anything like this I don't care for them much.

Tell you what would be real good. Instead of posting these ideas of yours which you have obviously just taken from all those free ebooks you downloaded, read and then deleted, how about posting something based on your experience?

We've pretty well had a gut full of the internet marketing gurus here (my opinion). Sure we discuss things about internet marketing based on our relative experiences.

> Hope this helps!

Not really. Your suggested internet marketing sees us write a lot of ebooks, give them all away, let other people give them away and write more free ebooks.

Listen. It's hard enough for most people to write one book and sell it. Let alone write many and give them all away.

> If you would like to know where to get all
> the software needed to build an ebook for
> free, just send me an email asking at
> [email protected]

Again with the free stuff. As I said... what's with wanting to use every free thing around and then expecting people to buy your thing?

Want to be real helpful. Post the link to the free things right on this board. So no one has to send you their email address. And post the links WITHOUT affiliate links.

Michael (Just callin' like I see it) Ross

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