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Old May 13, 2003, 02:27 AM
Michael Ross (Qld, Aust)
Posts: n/a
Default Would you like a bib?

> "Write 30 books a month (one a day)
> x thousands of downloads
> = a viral baby and $1,000,000 cash affiliate
> profits by the end of the month!"

> Who said that? Dont put junk in other
> peoples mouths. Its not recommended

Exactly. Don't put junk in other people's mouths. Maybe you should have followed this "rule" before responding (as I'll show you).

> ListFire and SubscriptionRocket are free to
> join

So what?

This forum is free to read?

Your point is?

> Sorry that you have to spend money on
> advertising, I use the money I make from my
> programs to advertise.

Hang on ... you feel sorry for me because I spend money on advertising. AND THEN, you admit you spend money on advertising.

You really don't have a clue do you?

I spend nothing and
> make money. Its called knowing a lot of
> information and tactics

No. It's called B.S. "I don't spend a dime on any advertising at all. All I do is write free ebooks which promote more free ebooks. And magically I make money."

Hey. Anyone believe that send me an email. No. Better still. Send $1,000US to me by paypal [email protected] and I'll send you thank you note.

BTW... you contradicted yourself.

> Sorry if you didnt get anything from this
> post, I have had people email and say great
> post and request more information.

Assuming your claim that people have actually said it was a great post and asked for more info, then you are guilty of the very thing I said... Only posting to try to SUCK email addresses out of this forum. Trying to build a list.

I still say it. TRYING to build a list. Whether anyone actually did send you an email is open to debate. After all, those who don't know any better - those who don't know working internet marketing from a crack on the sidewalk - wouldn't know your post was good (great as you claim) or not.

> All my articles are written through personal
> experience. Sure I get ideas from ebooks but
> I dont copy them.

Oh Puuulleeeeaaaassseeeee. You have not written one single thing ever that was first written by someone else. You have only written stuff based on your experience. And you expect me (us) to believe that.

We are supposed to believe you have written several ebooks and maybe a minicourse on something. And that ezine owners have also sent out a notice to their subscribers that they can get your brilliant writing for free. And even rebrand it.

> Otherwise I would cite the damn pages.

> Author:blah blah blah

> Author:blah blah blah

> no no no, its Author:Eric McArdle

Damn pages. Ooooo. Looks like someone is getting testy.

> This post I wrote in the ListFire forum in
> twenty minutes from what I know and what I
> have experienced.

Sorry. Don't go to the Listfire forum So I wouldn't know about what you wrote there.

But it is curious. Just above you said you only write from things of your own experience. But NOW you are saying you also write about things you know. Which easily could mean you read about it then wrote about it.

Seems to me you are contradicting yourself.

Its not hard to get viral
> marketing out of distributing ebooks.

Yeah. That's what all the free information about getting viral marketing from distributing free ebooks says.

> Sure you throw out the ones that are
> worthless, but what about the ones that have
> valuable content?

> Those are what you would recommendto others,
> thus getting more promotion

Hang on. You said you delete all the books you downloaded. Now you're telling us you keep some. (But as newbies, we don't know the good from the bad)

Well, make up your mind. You either delete them as you first said or you keep some.

Man. That's a BIG difference. And if you are trying to impart some kind of knowledge you ain't doing it good. Because someone who would follow your first advice would have deleted all the stuff they downloaded.

> You sit here and go on about "Buy a few
> keywords at google," I know it would
> give me results but what if im already
> getting results?

I don't sit here and go on about Google ads words. YOU were talking about exposure. I simply stated that you can get exposure using Google ad words.

Hey. You were the first person to bring up click thrus - which is how Google ad words works. But you being the all so knowledgable expert you are making out should have known that.

> The free ebook creator link is

> and another is

> This one is the top 10, sorry I didnt
> include that in the post buddy. Hope your
> not mad!

First, I am NOT your buddy.

Second, Why would I get mad? Getting mad implies I care about your post.

> Yes I know banner ads are dead, thats why it
> was an example my friend

Again. You were the one who brought up banner ads. In your original post you did not say they were dead. Now you do... but only after I point that out. Are you like those people who always knew something AFTER the event or after they were proved wrong?

Maybe if I show something else you wrote was wrong you would also tell me it was just an example.

> You always keep saying sell something
> instead. Your probably one of the people
> that spam the link to their sales letter.

SPAM? ME? Yeah right. You really don't have a clue at all do you.

Ok. Making money 101. NOTHING happens UNLESS a sale is made. You gotta sell something to make money.

If you claim to have a way to make money without selling anything, then you must be alluding to those MLMs that make those claims - which are false anyway because you can only make money by selling something.

Care to debate THIS POINT further?

> Have you made a sale promoting your sales
> letter without no follow ups? Didnt think so

I don't really know what you are talking about. Have I made a sale promoting my sales letter without follow up? What on earth are you saying/asking?

I don't promote sales letters. It's the sales letter's job to do the promoting.

As for follow up. Hey, have you seen me asking people to send me their email before I let them look at a sales letter?


Seeing as I don't get their email address before letting people look at my sales letter, I have no way to follow up with them because I have no way to contact them.

> This post was just to give people an idea
> that you need to gain prospects and a good,
> trusting list before you can start getting a
> good amount of sales a day.

Was it. Then all you had to say was, "Before you can start getting a good amount of sales a day you need to gain prospects and a good, trusting list."

I'm sure we could all have understood what you meant. Just.

> Internet marketers are weary of paying for
> advertising if they havent seen any success,
> so they should try to gain some success
> through free tactics before paying.

No. Most of the people who won't spend a dime on ads don't have a dime to spend on ads. They are on the brink of financial disaster and are looking for a magic bean to come and give them Instant Wealth Without Work.

That's why they expect everyone to buy their thing but they won't spend any money whatsoever in the process.

Free list servers, free autoresponder, free webpage building software, free marketing everywhere they can find it.

But they don't realise, they spend an awful lot of productive time looking for these free alternatives. IF they had just bitten the bullet and spent the measly few bucks, they could have devoted the saved time to making more money - in their business or at work. And they would be better off.

Your advice to write free abook after free ebook is just bad advice. Period.

> Im glad you have money to bid "Real
> High" on keywords at google, I dont and
> thats why I try to implement other plans

You don't have money. See... exactly like I just said before.

So now you are just another B.S. internet marketing "guru" who is going to show us all how to make mega bucks online while bearly having enough money to pay for internet access.


> I dont repeat stuff thats not useful. If I
> applied the tactics and they didnt work,
> than they are useless. Straight up!

How would you know. You previously said you also write about stuff you "know". So now we are once again expected to believe you have written many many ebooks, given them all away, written a free course, and had ezine owners who are strangers to you, recommend your book to their readers.

But as for repeating stuff that's not useful. I would say that suggesting new people would write ebook after ebook and give them all away it about as useless as you could get. So you contradict yourself again.

> I just decided to post this because I had
> people tell me that it is a good article and
> has some useful information.

Ok. So now you have had other people tell you it is NOT A GOOD ARTICLE and the information is useless. So what are you gonna do now. Who are you gonna believe? What a predicament. HA!

> Are you scared of free stuff michael? Just
> cant succeed without paying a minimum of
> $100? Sorry to hear that, people like free
> stuff and thats what they want until they
> are comfortable enough to start paying for
> something.

Scared of free stuff? Nope. Not at all. Some of the best software I have found and used has been free. Some of the most useless software I have used I had to pay for.

I can succeed very well without spending $1,00 on ads. In fact, one of the businesses we tested for The Great Ideas Letter was started for the cost of a two line classified ad. And its growth has all been self funded.

Of course people online like free stuff. Duh! Tell me (us) something we don't know, Einstein.

The question you really have to ask yourself is, do I want freebie seekers, who don't have any money, as my customers.

Look at yourself. You are a self-admited freebie seeker who doesn't have money. I rest my case.

> If you write a worthwhile ebook with
> valuable content, it will make the ezine
> publisher look like they know more, thus
> building their credibility and yours.

It's not going to make the ezine owner look like they know more. In fact, if all the ezine owner does is promote your wonderful ebooks, it makes them look like they don't know anything - otherwise they would have shared that info themselves already.

> Wow, what a concept Michael!!!

Hey Eric. Sell stuff. Make money. What a concept. It's the oldest concept there is. Older even than the Ten Commandments. Trade. It's eons old.

> Your giving me the picture that youve maybe
> tried this tactic and havent succeeded?

Why would I try this? I've got far better things to do with my time than write free ebook after free ebook after free ebook. It's a losing proposition. It doesn't put money in your pocket. People ain't gonna donate money.

And even if they wanted to they are like you... freebie seekers who don't have any money.

> Maybe because you cant write persuasive
> enough or you write trash. Again, sorry you
> have to pay for success.

I thought you said White Trash then for a sec. HA!

Hey. Don't feel sorry for me for any reason. Paying for success is quite alright by me. I understand the universal law that you don't get something for nothing. You got to pay your dues, so to speak.

You're offering a B.S. pipe dream - free money. Ain't no such thing.

> I am an affiliate that distributes a wide
> variety of infoproducts, so I have marketed
> online and have made money.

Ah... here we go. Let me translate that... You sell other people's "How to make money online" books. Yeah thought as much. And now you want to pass yourself off as some kind of internet marketing expert. YAWN!

> I have bought a lot of the ebooks and
> software that my affiliate program promotes
> so that I can put a personal endorsement on
> it.

Let me translate that again... you have signed up as an affiliate and then bought it so you would get some money back and not have to spend as much. Probably because you don't have any money like you admit.

So here we have YOU - a freebie seeking moneyless person - selling books online about how to make money.

Can you explain why that is not wrong?

I get a lot of information out of that,
> and if people are interested in what I have
> to say, I will provide them with resources
> that they will benefit from (information
> from those products and the software)

Yes. You're beginning to spout off all the stuff you read and are becoming an internet marketing expert in your own mind. Figures.

But previously you said you only write about your experience and not what you read. Now you say otherwise. Contradicting yourself again.

> People wont purchase your product off the
> bat if they didnt know what its about.

Well no, of course they won't. I can just see it... hey, here's my money. Please give me that product. Which one. That one that I don't know anything about - not even what it is.

That would be like going into a book store and buying a book with a blank cover.

And no-one is going to do that. So, does saying that people won't buy those products make you out to be knowledgable or something. Is that why you say something so obvious it doesn't even need saying?

> all about the follow ups (if you dont
> beleive this, then get of the internet
> please)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.... You, telling ME, what it takes to market. Oh man. That is just too much.

If you provide them with beneficial
> information that soon leads to your product,
> they will be in a more "open to
> buy" mood. Again, what a concept huh?

What a concept. What concept. All you ever tell us is to write free ebooks which offer other free ebooks. NOWHERE in your post did you mention anything about selling anything. In fact, you made a big deal about making money without selling.

You don't even know what you're writing.

> Listbot is gone.

Listbot, listfire, listylisty... whatever. They are all the same and you knew what I MEANT. Listbot was the word I used in making a point.

I also hate MLM and dont do
> any of those except for listfire which is
> more of a downline to advetise to, not a
> supposedly twenty dollars for signing people
> up. I agree with the mlm thing.

Hold the phone... listen to what you just said... "I also hate MLM and dont do any of those EXCEPT for..."

I guess that really means you don't hate MLM at all. If you truly hated MLM as you said, you wouldn't join any. Here you go contradicting yourself again.

And listfire is a "downline to advertise to." So, all you care about it building your list, as I surmised in the first post. So the truth is coming out.

> I dont want anybody to signup under me, I do
> that in a whole different fashion.

If you don't want anyone signing up under you, why post with your affiliate link? You are lying now.

> Again Michael, this is a tactic that I have
> implemented and has helped me promote.

What is a tactic you have implemented and has helped you promote? Not having people sign up to listfire under you and somehow magically having them in your "advertising downline."

> HaHa, the top 10 list of free software. Do
> you get paid to give away free stuff. NOpe,
> so theres no affiliate link.

Um. Yeah. Ok. Whatever.

> Well, it saddens me that you see this post
> as opposing to your personal experience.

It doesn't oppose my personal experience. It insults my intelligence. The fact is, you cannot make money giving everything away. Look. Let me show you....

5 free ebooks given away = $0.

Those five ebooks have links to other free ebooks of yours. If each ebook is read by two people, then you give away another 10 free ebooks which makes you 10 x $0 = $0.

See that? ZERO DOLLARS. And we can take it up higher... imagine 1,000,000 free ebooks being given away which link to more free ebooks. Again 1,000,000 x $0 = $0.

See. The more you give away you bottom line stays at zero. And in fact it goes into minus as now you are paying more and more bandwidth.

> all have different experiences and use
> different tactics to make the money we need
> to survive.

Sure. But your model is all about giving everything away. And giving everything away does not make you money.

And besides. Maybe if you tried actually selling stuff, you wouldn't be without money, like you said. Hey, what a concept Eric!

Michael Ross

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