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Old May 19, 2003, 12:34 AM
Michael Ross (Qld, Aust)
Posts: n/a
Default This is a good example of the manipulation and time wasting I was talking about

> Rick,
> You did not make it real clear whether you
> would be calling them on the phone first or
> going to see them face to face, but that
> doesn't matter really. If you call them on
> the phone try to set up an appointment to
> see them. Your call is to set up an
> appointment to see about the possibilities
> of your product helping them.

Setting an appointment to go to see them to find out if they want your product is a waste of time.

A better use of your time is setting appointments with people who already want what you offer.

> everyone answering the phone has one or two
> lines to get rid of people trying to sell
> them something so be ready to answer there
> objections like "I am not interested
> " "Do not have time",
> "Happy with what I have now" If
> you can be prepared to answer these, then
> most of the time the person doesn't have
> another objection and you can talk to them a
> little more.

If you can be prepared for those answers it means you are beginning to use manipulation.

As a business owners I can tell you, the most annoyng thing about a telephone salesman is the manipulation they use. Take my answer for what it is and move on, is what I would like them to do. It shows they respect my answer.

99.999999% of them, though, will then ask another question... what if you could save $x... and so on.

Manipulative questions.

I would highly recommend role
> playing with someone before you actually
> make a call.

Good call. But not roll playing in how to be manipulative.

Have them say these pat
> objections, answer them and get past the
> first one or two and the person on the other
> end is left without anything to come up with
> and you can then get an appointment.

See. Manipulation to try to get past the objections.

Lets look at what you want to do... you want to set an appointment with someone to see if they want what you have. If they don't want it you have wasted your time and theirs. And, blown all possible sales because you wasted their time.

That's why it is important to find out if they want what you want BEFORE setting the appointment.

> be polite and have a laid back manner.

Overcoming their objection to setting an appointment is not being polite.

Laid back? Neutral is better.

> always ask them if they have a minute or did
> I catch them at a bad time. This just shows
> respect for them, and most really appreciate
> this gesture.

Nope. It tells them you are a salesman.

As I said in my original post, I can spot them within three seconds. What you said is a dead give away, and would get the response from me of, "What are you selling?"

Here is how I would do it on
> the phone.
> "Hello Mr. Smith this is Rick Smith
> with ABC software do you have an minute or
> did I catch you at a bad time?"

My response: What are you selling?

Look. My time is important to me. I don't need to waste it more with silly questions about having time to speak. If I had no time to speak I would not have answered the phone, or would have told you right away to "hold the line."

Saying "Do you have a minute or two" wastes time.

> for his answer, If he say no this is ok

So if he says No or Yes, the result is the same... what follows below. (So asking it was a waste of time.)

> say "I am calling you in regard to
> setting up an appointment to talk with about
> how our software might help increase your
> store sales, ect(put your unique selling
> point here)

More manipulation in the making. If I say "not interested" your next question will be, "So, you're not interested in increasing sales?"

and would be in your area about
> Tues, which would be better, morning about
> 10:30 or afternoon about 2." Remember
> they will have one or two pat answers to try
> to brush you off so be prepared to answer
> those and if you do that, usually they do
> not have any others and you might get an
> appointment.

Why address them. If they are interested (they want what you are offering) they will tell you.

They tell you they are not interested because... ready... they do not want what you are selling!

So why waste time trying to talk someone who does not want your product, into wanting your product.

A better use of your time is to only spend time with people who want what you are selling.

> You may say If they do not let me get an
> appointment on the phone I have hurt my
> chances to go by and call on them, not
> really. If you go by their place in a week
> they probably want even remember talking to
> you, nothing personal.

Why go by and see them? They have already said they do not want what you have. Now you want to waste more time and drop by anyway.

This "trickery" is what gives salesmen a bad name. The manipulation is what causes such burn out - people do not feel good about it and it eats them.

Sell to people how you would like to be sold to. (I am yet to meet anyone who likes to have their time wasted and to be manipulated)

If you use the "This is Name with Business Name. We offer... features (not benefits). Is that something you want" technique, and then thank them for their time when they say "no" and hang up, they will more readily welcome your call next time because you don't try to manipulate them.

It also means you can call back in a month with a couple of different features.

Thus making maximu use of your time - instead of blowing it all on people who don't want what you are selling.

Michael Ross

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