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Old November 28, 2000, 05:35 PM
Dien Rice
Posts: n/a
Default Knowing this could be the difference between failure and success!

Gordon, there's a wealth of stuff in what you said.... :)

I feel like I could write almost a whole book (okay, maybe half a book) in response.... :)

> Last year, Rick Smith TNG, wanted to do a
> seminar, and he started the process. He had
> never done one before so it was all new to
> him. I told him I'd offer some advice, but
> that I KNEW how much work was involved, and
> I didn't have the time to help.

> We live about an hour from each other here
> in Northeast Ohio, so we can stay in
> contact.

> Anyhow, Rick went through the PROCESS and
> even though the seminar wasn't able to be
> done, he learned a lot from doing it.

Yes, it was great that Rick did that.... Often the hardest part is getting started....

Sometimes, I feel, well, what if I get started and I don't know what I'm doing?

But the answer is in the principle that Rick Smith used, which is have the attitude that you will LEARN WHAT YOU NEED when the time comes.... :)

You CAN'T know everything at the beginning (unless you've done it all before).... For everything, there is always a FIRST time.... Might as well get that first time over and done with! :)

Then there will be a SECOND time, where you will do it better because you learned from your FIRST time...

But if you sit around, petrified, because you've never done it before, then you'll never get through the FIRST time to get to the SECOND... THIRD... FOURTH time.... and so on.... :)

> Most reports I get from people who have
> RECENTLY attended these mega seminars is
> that very little NEW information is
> revealed, but that some gurus spend a lot of
> time chest thumping telling attendees how
> much money they have made...

> OH well, some things never change.

When we met, Ricky Higgs and I talked about how many of these "gurus" are full of bluster.... Not all are (there are a few who are genuine), but most of them have never done anything except to tell others how to make money.... And that's really how they make money themselves, they never made it big until they turned themselves into a "guru"....

Though, as I said, some are genuine.... I've been VERY impressed by Jim Straw's materials (for example), he's one of the real ones.... He's been out there and DONE it all....

I have nothing against experts, I believe that experts are great, and you do best by learning from experts....

In 1994-95, I went to Berkeley to learn from Professor Raymond Chiao, an expert in the field of quantum optics.... I spent 5 months working with him, because he is an expert, there is no question about it.... He's one of the shining lights of the quantum optics world...

And Gordon, I wanted to work with you because you are clearly an expert in effective advertising, I could see the reactions you got from your posts.... :)

And the fact that you won the advertising competition which Paul Hartunian held really says something! You get RESULTS....

And boy, Gordon, I wasn't disappointed.... It took a while for me to feel I REALLY have understood the principles of Remote Hypnosis.... But now I can look at successful ads and SEE exactly WHY they work....

And I've done my own "experiments" with Remote Hypnosis, and I've had some very good results.... People do react, I can see it on their faces and in what they do when I use these principles in what I say, when I want someone to take a particular course of action.... :)

I've read MANY other books on copywriting, but NONE of the others I've seen go into the real psychological principles of why they work the way you do....

A lot of successful advertisers really succeed because they have a great product... They could just do a so-so job and still sell lots of their product.... But the real breakthroughs use the principles of Remote Hypnosis, whether they know it or not....

(And no, this isn't a sales job.... I can sell better than this, just mentioning a fact....)

> So, Rick and I will be doing NEW things,
> talking about wireless and video and CONTENT
> PROVIDER well as new
> Internet and Off-Line well
> as SOFTWARE (Rick gets to handle that one).

> What he will learn, because I'm going to let
> him do all the work (oops, maybe I shouldn't
> tell him that) the PROCESS.

Yes, Gordon, I've found out that THIS is really a very important KEY....

I actually sat down and spent a couple hours going through the Yellow Pages. It can be fascinating! I know it probably sounds a bit silly to do, but trust me, it's worth it....

What do you do? Just leaf through it. Familiarize yourself with the categories.... Look at the ads, figure out what the companies in each section do.

Why do this? Because it will show you all the services that are AVAILABLE to you.... These are all ALLIES in your search for business success.... They are all potential PARTNERS... They are all EXPERTS at what they do, and if you are considering using their services, you can learn a lot just by consulting with them while they are looking for your business... And if you work with them, then you can learn even more....

Although you'll pay them for their services, I see them as partners in your venture, and you should seek any advice in their area from THEM, because they know what they are doing....

Do you want to use a celebrity in some event, but you're not sure what to do? Well, if you contact the right company that handles celebrities, their consultant will tell you LOTS of ideas on what you can do.... Remember, although it is new to you, they've been working with companies on using celebrities for many years....

Every business in the Yellow Pages is a potential service you can use, AND also a potential expert you can consult with as well....

I'd say that well over 50% of the people who advertise in the Yellow Pages are services aimed at other businesses (less than 50% are aimed directly at consumers, I'd say)....

So when you need to get some promotional products created, you know where to go.

When you need to get something manufactured, you know where to go.

When you need a local celebrity to appear at an event you are holding, you know where to go....

If you've never done this, then there are services in the Yellow Pages which you never even were aware of.... Yet which could be VERY useful to you if you know they are there....

> it is all done for you because I'll teach
> Rick to "share the wealth"...or as
> Dien may say...

> to OUTSOURCE it.

> To a complete fulfillment house who will do
> everything for him, once he has a PRODUCT to
> sell.

Gordon, that would be valuable information!

Some of the most useful information you can have is knowing what services are available to you.... This knowledge EMPOWERS you to do MANY MANY times what you could do otherwise....

It is like having a team of people all ready to help you get things done. Why do it all yourself when there are teams of people just waiting to help you? It means you can do LOTS more....

> Thomas Rice is going through that process in
> a couple of different projects, no wonder
> Dien admires his little brother so much, the
> MAN gets out there and LEARNS BY DOING...

> and that will PAY off big for him in the
> future.

Yes, Thomas is a "doer"....

In fact, although he's around 10 years younger than me, I find him pretty inspiring.... :) He's spent his whole life focused on business and entrepreneurship, whereas for me I've spent a big chunk of it focused on physics, so I don't mind admitting that I learn a lot from him when it comes to business.... :)

> Gary Halbert once included his
> "rolodex" as a bonus for his
> newsletter subscription...honestly, that was
> worth more than the newsletter...

> because if you find just one good contact
> who can assist you in some way...they are
> worth their weight in gold.

Yes, I've only recently realized the incredible value of something like this....

I remember in the back of one of Dan Kennedy's books -- I think it was "How to Make Millions With Your Ideas" -- he gives his own "rolodex".... I bought the book several years ago, and I didn't realize the value of that information.... Now I think I'll get the book out and take another good look at these incredible services which are available.... :)

> How many of you would like to have a
> FULFILLMENT house that would make your
> product on demand...professionally
> done...and shipped out...while taking the
> order...using their merchant a
> fair cost to you...and all you have to do is
> promote?

> There are scores of such places for you to
> use, but you have to have something for them
> to make.

Yes, KNOWING this is valuable and EMPOWERING information!

> It doesn't matter if you are thinking big
> like Thomas Rice and are doing an EVENT for
> thousands of people, or if you are making
> CD's on demand for one person at a time...

> you need to LEARN the process, AND the
> sooner you begin, the sooner you KNOW.

> That's the secret....DOING.

Thanks Gordon! That was a great post.... :)

- Dien Rice

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