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Old August 7, 2008, 11:13 AM
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Default Re: The Old Master (Jimbo Straw) Has something you/we all should hear/see

Originally Posted by MichaelRoss View Post
If you're on Jim's list you have already received the email. If not, check them out...

Oh, before you do. It would be wise to watch them a few times...

ACTED upon, those videos could make you a Lot of money. And he's just given the info away for nichts.

Michael Ross

Hi Michael,

Thank you posting those videos.

The first one hits on a subject that I have used for over 30 years. Using your telephone book for research. I have mentioned this in some of my reports and I find it to be the starting place for most of my own local research. Why? Because it works!

I have heard that you should sell or write about what you know or are very interested in so as not to get discouraged in the start up stage and quit before you get to the money stage. BUT there is a way you can pick just the subjects, where the money is, even if you know beans about the subject. And that starts with your local Yellow Pages.

An example: You want to find a niche where the money is. Look through your yellow pages for the categories that have the most ads and the biggest ads. These are the industries, in your local area, where the most money is being spent. Now you just have to target these areas. What if you don’t know anything about these industries?

Use your yellow pages again to start your research. Let’s take Roofing as our subject.

You will see in most areas that there are many full and half page ads for roofing contractors. Also that category takes up many pages of the total listings in the yellow pages. Note: (If roofing is not a big category in your area just find one that is because this works with any industry.)

The first thing you will see is that this is a highly competitive category. Many contractor’s looking for prospects. The second thing you will see is that there are different kinds of roofing. You will see this in the ads. Some will be targeted toward the commercial roofing. Others are directed toward the residential section. You’ll know this by what is in the ads. Some will say commercial only. Some will say residential & commercial because they target both. But what they list first in their ads is what they are focused on as their main interest.

Now that brings us to keywords for each category. Here is a layout of what to look for in the roofing ads and you can use the same method for any niche.

So for our commercial roofing we go to the yellow pages and find some keyword(s) to start our search. What we are looking for are common words in a lot of the ads. For commercial roofing a few that stick out when I look at my yellow pages are “single ply” “Rubber Membranes” and then brand names like “Carlisle” “Fibertite” and so on.

Let’s start with “single ply and see what it brings back. Wait before we do that let me explain how and why these types of terms would work for us.

First if many commercial roofing companies are using these SAME words in their yellow page ads those words MUST be important to a commercial building owner, right? Maybe or maybe not. Not all yellow page ads are writing to target the right prospects but we have to start some place.

Second, if I was the owner of a commercial property and my maintenance dept. came to me and said Hey Boss, I have had it with repairing this roof. I just can’t stop the leaks and we NEED a new roof. What would I do? I would tell the maintenance dept. to do some research and get me some estimates to go over.

Now the maintenance dept knows their job and the words to look for ONLINE to find the best roofing companies to get to do a flat roof. So these are the words that we want to target to get in front of the maintenance dept when they are searching. Commercial Roofing Terms.

So we start with the most used and common words in a number of ads in our yellow pages no matter what niche you are working in.

So NOW we go online to do our research.

So now let’s look up “single Ply” in our search tool. A free tool is:

These are just the first results and there are many more.

single ply roofing 73 cashmere single ply 27 single ply membrane 20 single ply roofing membrane 16 single ply register tape 15 single ply roofing heat guns 15 ib80 single ply membrane 12 how to install single ply roof membranes 12 pvc single ply roofing 12 order residential single ply roofing 12 single ply roof membranes 11 "single ply roofing" 11 single ply calculator 10 single ply linen for weaving 9 single ply membrane roofs 8

Let’s put these in a better order and take out the phrases that do not apply.

single ply roofing 73
single ply membrane 20
single ply roofing membrane 16
ib80 single ply membrane 12
pvc single ply roofing 12
single ply roof membranes 11
single ply roofing 11
single ply membrane roofs 8

We took out the following for stated reasons.
cashmere single ply Refers to fabric
single ply register tape No need to explain
single ply roofing heat guns Tools for applying single ply roofing. We don’t want to apply the roofing yourself.
how to install single ply roof membranes Same as above
order residential single ply roofing No residential we want commercial plus we don’t want to order we want to get some one else to do the work.
single ply calculator No need to explain
single ply linen for weaving Again applies to fabric.

So from our short list of good keywords we come up with a few more that we could look at like the model number “ib80” and the word “membrane”. So we could continue our search using these words in combination with our single ply to find even more targeted prospects. I am not going to go any deeper into the keyword research right now but if you like you can do some of your own research and make up your own list.

Now we have the main keywords associated with commercial roofing. What do we do with these keywords? We find our product or offer that we will be selling.

There are two ways to research a niche to find what is needed as a product.

1) By finding the problems
2) By finding the solutions

Both can be research by going to your favorite search engine and putting in the following:

Category (Commercial roofing problems) plus the word forum.


Category (Commercial roofing solutions) plus the word forum.

Then just look for the common problems or solutions that are mentioned in the
Forums posts.

To find your products to sell to the maintenance Depts. All you have to do is search
The same categories and put the word “affiliate” along with the category.

By the time you have finished this type of research you will know more about whatever category you are researching then 95% of the people in that category.

Or you could acquire leads for this industry and sell them. To lean more about that see my signature offer below.
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