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Old October 14, 2008, 06:58 AM
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Default The Great Cholesterol Scam


Thanks for asking about labeling and other things.

I know how you feel about government but do you think the government should require labels to spell out what exactly is in their products, if it contains any GM foods or if it has been irradiated? Or do you think it should be up to each individual to educate themselves and figure out if a food item is safe or not.

I think people should Not be deprived of information with which they can make an Informed Decision.

If people educated themselves, they wouldn't bother buying any pre-packaged supermarket foods/beverages.

Now. Seeing as there Is an Ingredients List, there should be Honesty on that list. Although, some items, if being honest, would require a much larger label.

Take, Pizza, for example. It might list the ingredients as Salami or Pepperoni. But each of those have their own list of ingredients. And if any of those ingredients say Flavor, then that would also have a sub list in itself.

I bought some rosehip tea without looking at the label. Got it home to discover it has Lemon Flavor added. I called the manufacturer to ask them. I was told... it is extracted from lemons. I asked what it was... a lot of uming and ahing. I said, "So you're telling me, you're adding this stuff to your product and you don't know what is in it? Fine, give me the number of the Lemon Flavor Supplier."

The Supplier would Not tell me what was in it. I said, how am I supposed to make an informed decision about whether my system can handle this if you won't tell me what's in it?

He said there is an Allergen List. Which is to say, those who have allergies to what is on this Flavor's list, should not have the flavor. Want to know what was on the list? Soy! If you have an allergy to Soy, you should not have this flavor. So I guess it wasn't really derived from lemons after all.

GM Food. I have a Right to know if the food I am eating is GM or not. As this type of food has been foistered on to us without any long term analysis done on how it might effect us. So I pass on consuming it.

For the overwhelming vast majority... you do Not need to buy food from the center lanes of the supermarket. If you eat meat, then the meat section and the fruit and veggie section is all you need.

If you visit a Deli in the supermarket, ask them what the Ingredients are for, say, Turkey Slices. After they tell you, walk away wondering how Soy and Flour are in there. Why does bacon contain sugar? And what the heck is Seafood Extender?

Another question. Even after all the dietary changes I’ve made my latest blood test shows that my LPL’s are sky high at 7.9 My Doctor say’s I should take Lipidil but I’d prefer not to. What would you do if your LPL’s were that high? If you know of anything that could help please link to it here so I can do my own research and decide what’s best for me.

See how you want to know stuff so you can make your own informed decisions? Same reasoning applies to labeling.

Regarding your LPLs. I assume, colloquially, we are talking... "you're cholesterol is high" right? After all, Lipidil is usually for High Cholesterol.

I have Never had mine tested. Nor do I intend to. Because the Cholesterol thing is the biggest hobgoblin going. And to take it on board is to accept that Doctors know more about your body than your body does.

That's because, your body monitors cholesterol and makes it As It NEEDS it. If your body didn't need an LPL of 7.9, it wouldn't be that number.

There is Much which can be said about Cholesterol. More than the limited space in a forum post will allow. But I will add... Who is it that decided that one type of cholesterol was bad and the other good? How was this information presented to the Doctors who'd already graduated Medical School?

Now, there are Many people who think the Cholesterol thing is just a con to make money selling Cholesterol Drugs - I agree. But don't take my word for it. Rationally think about it for yourself. Google Cholesterol Myth or like terms (scam, con, hoax, you get the idea). Check out Karl Loren for his indepth Cholesterol writings. Have a look at Karen De Coster's blog entries for Cholesterol

If I can be any other help, Please do ask.

Michael Ross
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