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Old November 23, 2008, 01:03 PM
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Default Thanks to Sandi, LindaC, Phil and Gary. My reply.

Thanks Sandi, LindaC, Phil and Gary. Here’s my reply.
Gary wrote:

I've been doing everything that is talked about in most of the courses out there and it's not working. So what am I missing? What am I doing wrong and how do I correct it? How do I start earning that $50 a day, then $100, etc, etc?

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are going through the same who are ready to call it quits. I don't have the experience to offer suggestions, so hopefully you will get some ideas from this post.

I do think it has to be step by step. Do this, like this and the money will come. You know as well as I do that it takes work, but people will be expecting to see rather immediate results. Even if it is only token amounts, they will want to see it right away.

Gary, I believe that many people will modify or ADJUST the step-by-step approach. If you have been doing exactly what the courses have talked about, then you have to ask yourself what is wrong with the courses? What information have they left out.

I don’t know what YOU are doing wrong, but I do know what the majority of people are doing that is wrong…and that is they aren’t building on a foundation of either real life business principles or they aren’t focused with written goals.

So, do you have written goals? Are they DOLLAR amount goals? You start earning that 50 bux a day via TRANSACTIONS as shown on the PictoGrigm of Money. In other words, you have to be selling something. So what have the courses been teaching you to sell? HOW do they help you make the TRANSACTION.

At the Suarez Business Institute we will provide a solid business foundation on which to build off of BUT also have an apprentice program, an already established program where you could start earning an extra 1000 bux a month from the start by following a proven step-by-step method.

The problem usually comes when people want to deviate or modify a step to suit their own "way", and when the modification fails, they blame the program.

With a 40 year track record of success, Suarez Business Institute has a proven plan to follow. BUT, it still goes back to SQUARE ONE, knowing what you want, and I like to see that in dollar amounts so you can figure out how many transactions you need to make in any given time frame. 4 X 100 per sale gives 400 gross with a pretax net of 200 dollars. That is less than one sale per day of a 100 dollar product to reach that GOAL. Then you match the MATH to the target markets.

Thanks PHIL, those are useful resources and I’ll do my due diligence.

LindaC wrote: I see this everyday. I'm a stay - at - home - mom/dad..."How can I earn $100 to $200 per week online?"
I'm willing to learn. Don't have much money. Would really appreciate a step -by -step, fill - in - the - dots plan.


I’m of the opinion the stay at home parent overestimates how much time she/he has to work and underestimates how hard it is to sell stuff. They need to start with the MATH, and know how much money they want to make each week. Like in the example a month, FOUR 100 dollar sales a week will gross 400 and net pretax 200 dollars.

So, the work from home mom has to find MARKETS based on the math, and any variation of that GOAL. She could find a product selling for 50 bux and sell 8 a week to reach her goal. She could find a 25 buck product and sell 16.

She could find a product (like Healthy Chocolates that Glenn O. talks about) and have REPEAT and reorders…which makes Avon and Amway et al so attractive to stay at home moms.

Bottom line, she is going to have to sell something to somebody, but if she starts with the MATH and knows what she wants to make and how much REAL time she has to work, then she can begin the PRODUCT Match to MARKET search.

A remote direct response business is IDEAL for the work from home parent and there are a million and one products to choose with very well identified markets.

Again, the problem with a step-by-step (although we do HAVE one at Suarez Business Institute) happens when the person comes up on something uncomfortable (like calling people on the phone or visiting them face-to-face) or trying to take short cuts and do not follow each step.

Sandi said:
An observation: everyone covers the basics like researching markets, putting together site pages and so on but no one takes the next step: putting it all together and THEN getting going on promoting the site once it is up.

Sure, marketing is fine and all that but I've been asked time and again, what do I do first to market my site? Do I network with people I know, ask for JVs, put up free or paid ads or? What do I do first, second, third? How do I go about actually marketing a site? Does it vary according to the niche or site type? What should I be prepared for (good and bad) and how do I prepare?

I kept hearing: As far as copywriting, what are the best resources for me to use if I am going to write my own copy? Things like dictionaries, grammar resources, and so on...

If I don't speak good English, can I still write my own ads without sounding like a nut case? How do I know that someone who is a native English speaker can really help me with my writing & grammar since my English is so poor?

Sandi, I’m not sure I understand the copywriting part but I do know that an authentic REAL voice that resonates with a niche group and is empathetic will find sales as well as the professionally written site, it depends on what is being sold and who is selling it. My advice is to use your real authentic voice and make the offer the way you would to your favorite Aunt or sister.

As for the NEXT STEP, I’m of the opinion this comes from doing the research part correctly and identifying the market, they already tell you how they buy, how much, how often, etc. So the next step is to put yourself on the TRACK their train is coming down and wait to get run over. That’s an oversimplification of course.

The PREPARATION takes place before they even put a site up, or should. The person who is asking What do I do to market my site indicates someone who hasn’t fully fleshed out the concept from idea to market.

We do have complete plans and even 72 point checklists of how a product gets to the market, and when someone follows this plan, the What do I next question is one of the first things they address in their market research.

I’m of the opinion that most ONLINE newbie businessITES lack a basic business understanding and prone to buy into the hype of Internet marketing and I guess that is what makes a difference for so many people, whether or not they have really PREPARED themselves for operating a business.

The WEB SITE should be the last thing on the list, after a person knows their market including where and how they already buy.

The good thing with the Suarez Business Institute is that a person will get the groundwork and fundamentals, along with a FAST start money making opportunity that has already been tested and proven…and then can evolve into the business of their choice and by this process will eliminate the mistakes that most people make.

Thanks to ALL of you for posting. You’ve raised some good ideas and I do appreciate your time.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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