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Old December 13, 2008, 07:30 PM
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Default One Trend In A Sea of Text


Thanks for your positive outlook.

I agree. Everyone should read a bit of Kurt Saxon - well maybe not Everyone, but you know. Even if times are good. A little preparedness is a good thing - like a little paranoia.

People should also know how to Hunt - thus own a rifle to do so, even a small air rifle is capable of taking small game which can be eaten (squirrels for example, wild turkeys, rabbits, hares, etc.) but is not really something lethal to humans per se.

People Should have fruit trees growing in their yards. Even a small area for some veggies.

Some dynamo powered devices - torches, radio - in case batteries are not handy or too cumbersome to lug around.

As mentioned, large 10kg bag of rice. Canned food is good for storage. Ah, the old Irish Stew. Spam or equivalent. Canned veggies too. Maybe some packets of 2 minute noodles - the ones in the packet and those in their own cup. Dried peas. For a hundred spot you can buy Heaps of such food that could probably feed a couple of people for a month, as long as they don't guts themselves.

On top of this, some bottled water could be a wise investment. You just never know.

The food/water emergency backup doesn't take up much space and could be loaded into a normal sized car and taken with you, if you need to move. And bought in bits and pieces over a few weeks too.

An air rifle with a couple of tins of pellets - JSB Exacts have proven to be the most accurate in a range of air rifles - together with your food backup could do you for quite a while. Take a fishing rod (collapsible to save space) as well - checkout for air powered rifles and pistols and reviews.

Ok. Not a preparedness/survivalist thread. But, such things do become more Popular as times turn bad. So, there is a trend. Preparedness/Survivalist info and gear and equipment.


I'm one of the outsourcing people. Not that I question that it happens. But my stance is, it has ALWAYS happened. Whether it's outsourcing across town, state, country - or - across the water that separates the land masses. So I don't see it as anything New.

And, even rather simple operations that don't think they outsource, actually do. Even if all you sell are home published books and reports - and like Kurt Saxon, place them on CDs - you still outsource. As someone else made the blank CDs you put your stuff on to. Someone else made the envelopes you ship it in. And so on.

Unless you own ALL the means of production from Primary Resource through to basic smelting plants, manufacturing plants and so on. Unless you own each possible business that makes any item you use in your operation, you outsource in some way.

So there is no question that outsourcing takes place. The only question is Where things are outsourced to.


Recession wise. Apart from Official Data that says, we've had a certain amount of growth, or lack thereof, for a specified period of time. Apart from that, what designates a recession as opposed to normal every day events?

Is toilet paper theft from work on the rise? Are more people taking the Charity Candy without putting their money in the slot? Are there increased drive offs from gas stations?

If the media doesn't report it, how does average Joe know there is a recession?

I don't care if unemployment goes up, to whatever it gets to, the majority of people still have a job of some kind. So with that in mind, How does that Employed person know there is a recession? How are they effected?

The construction industry pretty well grinds to a halt during the Yuletide/Winter Solstice Season. So it's no surprise that around this time Rumor comes of a major scaffold company laying off 40-50 guys in my city due to a decline in work. BUT, speaking with one of the Scaffolders who works for that company, the truth becomes... there was a quiet two weeks and they Considered it - but - then we had a surge and we're all flat out again. And if they'd laid off those guys they couldn't supply customers who'd have to go to other companies.

Others in the industry report a Decline in Residential work and an Increase in Commercial work. So they just do more Commercial Work instead of Residential Work. It's the way the money flows. And it makes sense...

For decades money has flowed into market segments that the baby boomers grew threw. For years baby supply places Boomed then dwindled off as that surge of babies had passed. Same goes for whatever the Boomers did. But it doesn't just apply to the Boomers. All generations have their own little Quirks.

For instance, down here Gen X (and some cross over Gen Y) has got the renovating bug. Where they will get an older home and Do It Up. Rip up the carpet and redo the floorboards, for example.

As a result, there has been an Increase in floorboard installers, floorboard replica products, etc. BUT, eventually, that surge will die down as those who were going to do it, did it. And Business for those businesses will decline. They will need to lay off staff. And for Them, it's recession time.

Point. Different generations throw their money into different areas at different times. The spending trends change. While some areas surge, others decline. Some remain constant - fruit and vegetable stores, for example, always seem to do a brisk trade because people need to eat.

And so I ask... to the employed person, how do they know it's recession time?


Riots. Granted, we Always have riots. Every year we have riots. If it's not the socialists rioting about the G8 meeting or some such around September or whenever they are, it's some other group - like in Greece and now flowing into Europe at the moment.

But I notice you say, since the 60s. So that would mean an Increase in riots. Over what, it would be good to know. War? Tax hikes? Racial preferential treatments or lack thereof?

It is true that when the American Economy sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. At least it Seems that way. Which is to be expected considering a LOT of international trade is done in $US, oil is traded in it. And the American Consumer's consumption has kept producers around the planet in business for a long time. So at some point, when consumption goes throw a down part of a cycle, others suffer. But money still flows. Just to other areas.

Like in bad times, survivalist stuff.

Michael Ross
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