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Old July 8, 2009, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: I'm drowning -- and I can't tell what people are tossing...

Originally Posted by -TW View Post
Hey Skip -- I appreciate your help.

I can't eliminate the 'project' that's most troubling me -- I depend on it. It's too big to fail, in my little world.

But I've also tried (unsuccessfully) to branch out + try other things. I am always met with the same 'greeting.'

--- "Go jump in a lake." (or worse) ---

So, when others 'sell' me stuff where that supposedly won't happen -- and it does -- suddenly everyone looks like a complete con artist.

Unfortunately, I am 'learning' to IGNORE my own belief system (ignore my own usual, natural trusting optimism). It keeps getting INTO (more) trouble, instead of getting me OUT of trouble.

Everyone is very friendly to me, so long as I am writing checks TO them. I can't seem to find anyone who wants to write checks TO me. Those types are very UNfriendly.

As far as starting small -- it seems to make no difference whether I start big or small. It all turns out DOA.

I'll keep trying -- but now I am GUNSHY + very, VERY suspicious of any life savers -- there's a good chance they are actually ANVILS in disguise... and I'm getting pretty tired of holding my breath when i go under.


-- TW

Hi TW,

Sounds like something Yoga would say. He said "No one goes there anymore because it is too busy". You say it is too big to fail.

TW, Fail Fast is the motto we should go by. What I do is take every offer with a grain of salt. I test it and see if it will work on a small scale. If it sounds logical (Don't they all) I test it quickly to see if it has merit and then decide if I wanted to expand it or lose it. Most (80%) get lost. Out of the 20% I decide if I want to keep on doing it (about 2%).

Now my area happens to be in writing make quick cash reports. So the 20% that show some profits I write a report on as a case study. Only about 2% do I work myself because my area is writing reports not running a 100 programs. If I ran each one that showed a profit I would be spread too thin and make no progress in my business.

Does that mean the 80% are con jobs? Don't know. Didn't get to that stage where I devoted a lot of time to make them work. They may be right for some one else but not for me. I am looking only for "Quick Cash" programs. Everything else I try to ignore. But you have to test all according to the program and not make up your own rules. Here is a story that will show what I'm trying to say.

I belong to a membership site and one of the members gave out a program for free. (Well not really free, I pay membership dues each month). It generated a lot of interest BUT not many success stories. It sounded good but I was concerned with the lack of success by others. Then I re-read the posts and in almost every one of the posts the writer of the post was trying to change the program is some way BEFORE they tried it by the rules.

Instead of just following the 10 steps the author gave they added other ways of doing it. That made it a different program. Instead of keeping it simple and just follow the 10 steps they wanted to make it better and bigger. Sooooo

I decided to just follow the steps and see what happened. The report was on selling common domain names. I tried it and gave it a test of 10 campaigns that cost me $80 for registration fees. I made a profit of $646 dollars on those 10 campaigns. I wrote the author and told him my success story. He wrote back saying that I was only the second person out of over 200 that just followed the steps "per se" and both were success stories. That is out of the ones that contacted him.

Now with that success did I just jump right into the program and make a fortune? NO. For me it is boring to do the same steps over and over again just to make money. Not my type of thing. So instead I wrote a case study report on my success and someone who is more detailed then me can probably make a full time living from this method.

Some fit some don't. So it cost me $80 and about 5 hours to find out this works, but fails for me. Fail Fast is the motto.

I don't know how long you have been working the program that is big for you but if it is making money for you, but not the kind of money that you want to make, and it is something that you love doing then my suggestion is to branch out in more of the same instead of different programs. If it is something that you are doing just for money scale it back to where you are happy, (remember the 80/20 rule) and then find other outlets that you love doing and the money will follow. Any business can benefit from the 80/20 rule. 80% of your profits come from 20% of your business. Zero in on the %20 and you will change your outlook on life in general.

I hope things work out for you, TW, and for all the other SowPubbers that are struggling in this fun, hair pulling, nail biting internet game.

Best of success,

Skip Rosell's Blog
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