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Old July 12, 2009, 03:37 AM
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Default Ah, a Red Pill Taker. Good. Good.


Thanks for ASKing.

Seems someone has taken some more Matrix Red Pills. Awesome. Now watch the trilogy again and you'll get Much more out of it.

Embrace your feelings. You are nearly now totally unplugged and awake.

Okay. Here's the deal....

You Think (believe) entrepreneurialism is The way to go. Everyone says it so it Must be true, right?

Well, they're wrong!!!

Go grab the major daily paper that has all those bidnesses for sale. See the lawnmowing franchise? See the small store? See their incomes are not really any better than a Job?

Talking to a hairsalon owner in a shopping center. Her turnover is over $100k. The magic world... Turnover. Take away rent, phone, power, etc., and she is maybe left with an Income of $25k. She SHOULD get rid of the business and go get a 9-5 working Mon to Fri for the same $$$. If she worked out her Hourly Rate it'd probably be someone around $5 and she has Business Owner Headaches.

What ails you is this... marketing is a drag. If people would just call you and say, "Tim, my man, come on over pronto and do your thing", you'd jump. BUT that's not what happens. What happens is more like this...

Because... well, frankly... what you're offering isn't wanted by the people you're offering it to. It's as plain as that. As Halbert said... "sell solutions to problems people are ALREADY concerned about". NO existing concern, then forget about it.

If you ran an ad that said, "XXXX AVAILABLE. Call 555-5555 for free details" or something along those lines, would you generate sales/inquiries? If "no" then people are Not actively looking for what you have to offer.

Check the Yellow Pages. How many other's are offering the same thing you are? Any? If so, how many in last year's edition and the year before that too? Are they the same people year after year?

Apart from not being concerned with whatever it is you're selling, they DO have their mindset set on Kill. Because you're about the 20th person to call them today wanting their money. But here's a little secret... most business owners don't have much money. But they must keep up the illusion that they do or what would people think? That they're failures and Need to get a job?

HEY! There is nothing wrong with a job. Jobs can make you Satisfied. They can provide Income without Headache. They can provide a closer comradery you cannot get from Boss/Staff or Business Owner / Client because all staff are in the same boat - some think about it differently, though.

People THINK the best course is... go to school to get a Good education. Go to Uni to get a degree. Get a Good job with that degree. Get married. Have 2.1 kids. Buy a family sedan and live in a three bedroom home with Study and picket fence. Work for the man until you retire, at which time you will have Maybe paid off your house.

They think it because that's just what you do.

Tim. To function in the world you do NOT need all that Schooling. If you can read and write and do basic math you have all you need to function. You might not get a job as an engineer, but so what?

You know what a steelfixer does? They tie steel together in readiness for concrete to be poured onto it. Do you have any idea how much these guys are paid? A bulkload more than the snooty receptionist of any company who looks down on Dirty Workers I can assure you. And it don't take much school'n to be a steelfixer. Don't take business moxy to tie steel either. No clients to harass. No trying to get $$$ from someone who has none - even if they have heaps they have none, understand?

The great American dream... start a business and become mega wealthy. WHO promotes this dream? Those selling a business, business kit, franchise, banks, etc. In short, everyone who would benefit from you following that course. People who want your $$$ or your indebtedness (future $$$). (Parents want trophy kids)

Those (family, etc.) promoting School/Uni/Degree/Good Job either also gain from you taking that course of action - or - have done so themselves and now don't want to be the bunny. Notice no-one ever tells you the water is Freezing and not to jump in?

So which is it, business or job? It's whatever gives YOU the most Satisfaction. If YOU are more satisfied with a job doing X, then get a job doing X. If YOU are more satisfied with a business doing Y, then have a business doing Y. The key words here being YOU & SATISFIED. NOwhere in this paragraph have I mentioned $$$.

Now Tim. You first need to lower your expectations to Zero or below. Like I said to a trainee rigger the other day when he asked me about the lift we were about to do... I expect it to go totally sh*thouse. So anything other than that is a bonus and I can never be disappointed. I will endeavor to not make it happen, but it's what I expect.

Eg: I expect ALL my marketing to be a complete and utter waste of time and money and generate zero results. Think this way and you can never be disappointed.

Michael Ross

PS. By the way, the world looks like a Prison Yard because it is one. ALL Govts and their departments are actually Corporations which you can look up yourself on Dun & Bradstreet - yes, even the Police, education dept, schools, etc., etc. You willingly and under-coercion hand over your personal power to them because you don't know any better.

P.P.S. You are thinking normal - as in, not as much asleep as the masses. The frustration you are feeling is a result of your more awakened mind trying to deal on the same level with minds that are asleep. With minds that spout forth things they've heard elsewhere without checking themselves, that do not question anything in a serious manner, that will hear something important and ask when the game is on. Minds that try to make you come back into the fold. Resist, Tim. Resist. And delve further into the rabbit hole.

P.P.P.S Remember...

Last edited by MichaelRoss : July 12, 2009 at 07:41 PM.
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