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Old December 29, 2011, 10:32 AM
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Default 101 STRATEGIES...


Through the years we've had many a person contribute to the whole advertising, coupon and promotion discussions.

Right NOW there is a member here doing exactly as you did...and a couple of others, none of whom post, are using twists to their ad projects.

Yes, I have no doubt you can get at least twice or even multiple times greater from the booklets.

I've dealt with many a tradesman, and, uh, NO thanks.

I wanted a quick and easy, in and out, wham bam, yes or no...easy peasy sale...and one which could be fulfilled in a day or two without much effort.

Roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc. are at times hard to get hold of because they are often working...and you have to meet them at their schedule.

With 1000s of businesses available, I walk in, find the manager or owner, and if NOT there, leave my two pieces anyhow...if they get it, and see it, and want it they call me back.

Just too many businesses to make the offer to. In...OUT, with a YES or NO, no selling (in my mind), no explaining, no getting a 3rd party approval...they get it...or they don't.

The attitude, the one of playing a game I can't lose, is very different than the desperate space salesman...or times other words, even showing a big postcard ( a hot rage right now cause some Warrior did a great campaign) a hard sell.

A buck fifty a customer who repeats over and over and ONE time deals like a new roof or a big home remodeling project...

I'm talking donuts...and selling more of them...
Bacon and Eggs
A clean dress or pants suit
Knick knacks
apple pie

businesses which rely on repeat customers...these are my first tier...

then businesses which would be used now and then...

and when there is time...I can include the roofer into the general area booklet, like The Best of Akron Booklet...but, it has been my experience, and mine alone, I don't know what other's do...

But, if I keep it simple, affordable, make enough profit to make it worth my time and effort...then I'm a happy guy...if I were younger and had the ability to concentrate on one thing...then there would be time for roofers, plumbers etc.

ONE credit union or bank booklet every once in a while, dealing with only one person...can give you more income than having to deal with 5 people who take my TIME and energy.

Which brings me to this...

To each his own. Sure, guys like Don Alm well into his 60s or maybe 70 by now, can hit the streets and go through some shoe leather...but, that's work.

I take a stroll, a walk, a little exercise...have my business in my pocket...walk in, hand em a booklet..yes or no...back to my exercise. When I get 3, or if 90 minutes has gone by...I'm done for the day.

For some newer Sowpubbers, and younger guys and gals reading...
you and do this and many other businesses and make money all day long 1001 different ways.

I've found over the years, the lower the cost, and if it can show value, be easily understood, doesn't require much thought or time on the business, it is a much


The small potatoes approach can work to build a heaping helping of quick cash without getting to tired out...I'm tired out...or have it is time to RE

Tire out...HA!

Thanks Cornell for sharing, if I were a young stud like you, I'd certainly be working harder...see you on the beach.


Originally Posted by Cornell View Post
Hi Gordon:

I was curious where you were pricing in this day and age )

In my other posting I mentioned about having 5 other advertisers in the book....this method worked really well for the trades in that the price was well above the buck a booklet (and we are going back almost 5 years ago now)...when you start talking roofers, heating contractors, plumbers, etc....2.50 was a great price for getting a qualified lead....and the kicker was that each of the 5 trades offered a special discount to the holder of the booklet that they couldn't get anywhere else....

explanation...say Pete's Plumbing is handing out his it was an ad for Tom's Roofing which offered "customers" of Pete's plumbing a 500 discount on any full house roofing job....calls come in to take advantage of that 500 discount...qualified lead that should be a 2.50 lead ...but in reality as not everyone of Pete's Plumbing customers needs their roof done right at the actuality it averaged out to 1 in 11 for most of the trades which means the lead was worth 27.50...but still considered a bargain in this area in the trades for a qualified lead....and over the course of time more leads trickled in from people who had held on to the booklet...or cheated a bit by passing the booklet to a relative or friend who was in need of the work advertised which dropped the overall per lead cost.

And likewise in Tom's Roofing booklet Pete's Plumbing might have waived the service call fee...and so on and so forth.

So back in them good ol' days it was 250 per 100 for the trades booklets.

And the other non-trades were bringing a buck a booklet.

Hmmmm.....Almost think it might be time to revisit this opportunity )

Now it might seem strange that a roofer would hand out his own booklet to a customer he had just done the roof for...after all, how often does the customer do the roof...but the kicker on these was the other 5 businesses handing out their booklets with the roofers ad in them...and what is better than the perceived appearance of a company that you just had do work for you giving a perceived recommendation to the other 5 in the booklet.

Just comments for those going down the booklet path that might think there is not a market for them in the trades.
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