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Old February 12, 2012, 10:16 AM
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Default THE best selling New Thought "occult" book of all time is...

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Many of you have read it.

In the earlier editions there was the famous Page 36, where Hill gave the formula for success. A guy named Art Williams said that was all he needed, didn't even read the rest of the book, and built a billion dollar company in a little more than a decade.

Page 36 told the reader to WRITE DOWN the goal.

How many of you have written goals?

In the last decade we've done numerous surveys and it is safe to say that not one in ten of you reading this have written goals. Over at the Warrior Forum, I'd BET it is not one in 1000.

Some of you have used my Whiteboard. Some for short periods of time, like 30 days and you've seen some products develop in what is a really short period of time. Those of you that have used this method, have written a manual, a college textbook, a short course...and have used the Whiteboard to establish goals and develop a plan of action.

Writing down goals is a fundamental principle of New Thought.
Having written goals is a fundamental principle of people living in Group Homes or receiving support services from public agencies.
Written plans are the backbone of corporate America, however, they tend to muck it up with the constant meetings.

Yet, the Individual Entrepreneur, average business person, wannabee success doesn't have time and can't be bothered with writing down her goals.


When I go into work mode, not as often as it should be, I work. I look at the Whiteboard and see where I am at, what I need to do and it functions as a time manager, a project manager and a motivator.

Can't goof off while on the board. It is there for everyone to see (not that anyone else will see it, but it has the effect of silent but powerful boss).

After 15 years of studying the arcane and esoteric, and 15 years of working with people with all kinds of disabilities...there was a synergy which combined the best tools from several disciplines including golf.

This synergy became the basis for the early editions of the Square One Workshops.

Every developmentally disabled individual living in a group home had a written plan of action, a goal and a team to support the effort to reach the goal.

Some smart business people also set up written tools to help their employees and business move forward. One of the best at this is Sam Carpenter, author of Work the System. Sam streamlined his business and became very effective by implementing systems which eliminated the human error of having to make decisions, and put the details of what to do IN WRITING so any trained monkey (who can read) can do the job.

Pilots have check lists. Unless they are a total idiot, they don't ignore the pre flight checklist cause WHO, really, in their right mind...wants to take a big hunk of metal up 10,000 feet with nothing but sky between him and the ground...and justs trusts that everyone has the plane in good enough shape to fly????? Well, most who have done this are dead, with a few lucky SOB exceptions.

Well, do you have a pre launch checklist for your business? Do you know if your plane can fly?

Do you have the first 90 days planned out? Written down? Do you have a clear goal written out where you can see it every day? Look at it constantly?

I'd say, most of you don't.

Yet this is a FUNDAMENTAL tool, a first step, a first get the effect you want.

It is the first law of metaphysics. KNOW what you want to manifest.

It is the IDEA and the DESIRE that Napoleon Hill writes about in the first two chapters of Think and Grow Rich.

The last couple of posts I've tried to show you MY path, which included a childhood full of religious mystery, having attended scores of different churches, by choice, my parents didn't belong to any and were glad to let me tag along with anyone in the neighborhood willing to take me...

And magical and wonderous events, like learning that Words Have Power and The Sale Begins When the Customer Says NO, to the Wheeler Points...don't as if, ask which...

to travel, study, incredible people, all to develop a little cred to tell you where these ideas came from...
in the hope


will take something useful away and make use of it...oh, what can that be?

one, the WHITEBOARD. Write down your objectives. Today.

two, Words Have Power on other people, on yourself and the prayer, meditations and passages of New Thought or Old Thought can deeply effect your circumstances. What words are you speaking?

three, in face to face situations, the non verbal communication is overpowering your spoken aware.

four, IT is your life. You can choose, as shown on the SQ1, to overcome your childhood, no matter what was said to you, planted in our brain, who controlled you and what you were forced to do...

YOU can, today, overcome all obstacles and blocks that you have by concsious effort and understanding of the subconscious powers, and the natural animal instincts long since buried and unused...

IF you want to.

YOU are and what is, is. And if what is, is something you don't like, change it. YOU can.

You have power.

And you have powerful tools at your disposal to turn your life around, or continue to live the marvelous life you have...change things, do things, create things...often at breakneck speed.

There is no governor on your engine, the little one that could...except for the one you put on it, and the one you take off of it.

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