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Old April 10, 2013, 08:17 PM
midasman midasman is offline
Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 16
Default Re: Hey Sows! Here's MY "Retirement" program

Hey Linda...sorry to hear about your "medical" situation....NO! I REALLY AM!

In fact it was one of my buddies who, recently discovered, he has a "Medical Condition" which has already cost a bundle and more to come.

His wonderful wife contacted me and relayed the info. So....THIS prompted me to look into :


Well...I've been my own "boss" my whole life and I have been successful in;
1) Finding what people WANT
and then...
2) Finding a way to ...SELL them....what they WANT! we are in April of the year 2013. Take a look around. WHAT does your Dentist WANT! What does your Insurance Agent WANT! What does ANYONE in a business or profession WANT?

Yup Linda! YOU are a pretty Moxey Gal!'re right! They want MORE business! can little ol' YOU....sell them what they WANT?

So...taking a look at what's happening in our country TODAY....April 10. 2013!

EXample: This morn my neighbor goes out to start his car and....NOTHING!! No Spark...NO sense of LIFE in the engine! So...he brings out a little plastic box from his shirt pocket....clicks around and finds a listing of local Auto Repair shops. I am getting into MY vehicle...I hear his VAIN attempts at trying to get his engine to turn over and....I yell over, "Hey Randy! Dial up Mobile Tune! They'll be over in a few minutes and can help you!"

So...he does! I stand there, waiting to enter MY vehicle....waiting to see if he needs any assistance from a few seconds, he looks over at me, gives a BIG Smile and a "Thumbs UP!"

Now....what you just witnessed was the "Modern-day"! A few yrs ago... Randy would have gone back inside his home....asked his wifee WHERE is the "Lousy" YELLOW PAGES? (Sorry, I got carried away. Randy is NOT that kinda guy)....then....flipped thru the pages under "Auto Repair" and found a whole bunch of full page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page ADS AND....lots of other Text Listings....chose one....gave them a call....etc!

Thus....we are NOW in the "Modern-Day" MOST business people realize that "Phone Books" have become a thing of the past.

So....why not provide a Service to businesses and Medicos that make THEM, STAND OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB! So THEY....are able to be FOUND....more easily a result, get MORE calls?

MY "solution" is to provide an "instantly recognizable" BENEFIT to MY prospects!...causing them to instantly REALIZE; HEY! HOLY CAMOLY! I HAVE GOT TO GRAB THIS....NOW! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE COST!

So....Linda....I don't know what town you're in but, your "homework" for tonight is to...."Google"...."Dentist (town name)" or ...."Plumber (town name)" etc....

What you wil see, on the 1st page (forget about ANY listings after the 1st page, they are DEAD!" some "Paid" listings on top, then 3 listings (usually Directory things) then 7 more Biz listings HOWEVER....just take a minute to rear your head back and look at this page!

ALL you see is a bunch of TEXT! Nothing....that GRABS your eyeballs and give them a reason to FOCUS IN on a particular listing! NOTHING! an example; go up to the Google box and type in "Tampa Windows" and when the screen comes up.....THINK about what you are looking at! (Pretend you are someone in Tampa FL interested in "windows" for their home)

Do YOU think....if YOU were living in Tampa....that YOU and MOST people interested in "Windows" would click on the box with the Full Color?

You betcha!

So....the people who are NOW providing these "Full Color Thumbnails" for certain KeyWords....are "naming their own numbers"!

YOU....dear Linda....NOW have a way to make some BIG Money...providing businesses, professionals and medicos with what they WANT!....MORE BUSINESS!'s gonna take some digging and research and figuring (Hey! WE ALL had to go thru our own..."Due Diligence")'s NOW your turn!

Do your DUE DILIGENCE! (That's what is STILL Great about our Country) And....(my suggestion) NOT WAIT until YOU feel you have ALL the info to get going! Screw It! Just "fumble forward"! GET STARTED! DO SOMETHING! Make contact with people who can write you a check!

Sure the beginning will give you a "Raft of Crap"! DON'T let that phase you! Just count it off as part of your "Education"!

And....I guarantee....after making contact with potential "Check-Writers" ther WILL come a time when you will realize..."HEY! I GOT IT!"

So....Dear Linda....I do not have a "magic wand" I can wave over your head and say, "Here it is! Linda! On a Silver Platter!"

Nope! THIS is probaly the BEST marketing things I've seen in my many years and....I had to do MY "due deligence" before I realized I GOT IT! BEST to you and ....providing businesses, professionals and medicos with MORE BUSINESS....using THIS technique is worth EVERY MINUTE yoo spend on "Learning It"!

Don Alm.....STILL Learning
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