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Old December 10, 2014, 01:23 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default BRIBE Report #1 To Increase The # of People Who VOTE on a Headline

Thanks Dien,

The REASON WHY #1 SuperStars Like Taylor Swift
have Millions of Passionate - Devoted - Emotional FANS... (She calls hers "Swifties")

IS TAYLOR Knows How to communicate on an Unconscious Emotional Level.

Below in my BRIBE REPORT - We describe 4 Specific INVISIBLE EMOTIONAL
Gambits she is using.

You can Call it Hypnosis.

But since we all communicate Unconsciously via our Emotions
thru words and Body Signals - You Can Apply what Taylor does RIGHT AWAY.

YOU GET TO The MOOLAH QUICKER - However - IF YOU Adapt what the Best of the Best Communicators and Sales people in the world are doing in your OWN LIFE.


4 Advanced Taylor Swift
EMOTIONAL Psychology Song
Selling Secrets

Thanks for Helping me Find
a Winning Headline for my
Taylor Swift Referral System
Audio Book.

NLP Tactic #1 - As You Know, When Jay Abraham was asked, “Which of your 100’s of marketing strategies would you keep if you had to pick ONE?”

He said, “Endorsement.”

A - I used Instant Credentials & Endorsement when I started my Consulting
Business. Which is WHY I recognize what Taylor did to get her First Hit Record.

I - I teamed up with a Mentor Who Could Endorse me to ANY Business Owner in the USA. Because Everybody has Heard of FuzzBuster RadarDetector.

ME - I Wrote a 3 page Endorsement letter - which Credentialled my Partner
Judy Kendall - Mother of the Fuzzbuster - thru the roof. When she got hired due to my Letter - I got half.

TAYLOR - Instead of an Endorsement LETTER - Taylor Wrote an ENDORSEMENT SONG - complimenting/name Dropping International SuperStar Tim McGraw.

And in fact - Her Lyrics SAYS what she wants listeners to DO!

“When You Think of Tim McGraw
I hope You Think of Me.”

THIS is Advanced EMOTIONAL Name Dropping or NLP!

NLP Tactic #2 - Song Title, “The Story of Us.”

Lyrics and Video - Use a STORY to Enter The Minds of ANY Listener - Young or old - Female or male.

Since Cave Man Days STORIES (words/pictures) are the most Effective
Communicator EVER.

And Taylor Didn’t Stop There!

She Chose a TERRIBLE, Scary, Universal TOPIC. A SITUATION we have all Experienced And been Terrified by.

Often on a Daily Basis - Going to School, Shopping, Going to work.

REMEMBER the NLP Copywriting Strategy of WRITING ABOUT what your Prospect is ALREADY THINKING ABOUT?

You Can’t BLOCK OUT what you are Already EXPERIENCING!

Here is the song Lyric that
you hear over and over…

“Standing Along in A Crowded Room”


Just had something WEIRD Happen to me. When I typed the “Standing Alone…” song words - I HEARD the music that goes with it!


So we have - IN ACTION - proof that music bypasses all our Barriers and filters. And proof that words and music are Linked.

Each Triggers the other - perhaps are STORED together in the mind.
NLP Tactic #3 - Let’s Talk BRAIN NEURONS.
As I hope you know - Scientists Recently discovered that “BRAIN NEURONS” bypass the brain.

When we see and hear someone in a movie or a video - WE Instantly Experience what they are FEELING.

This is Why “StarWars” is so Dangerously Hypnotic. George Lucas Chose a Plot and Characters that FIT - legends and archetypes as old as Humanity.

The Young Apprentice - Luke Skywalker
The Old Mentor - Ben Kinobi
The Bumbling fools - the two droids


So How Does Taylor IMPLEMENT this “UNbelievably Powerful Invisible Influence” Strategy in her New 2014 Single “BLANK SPACE?”

IF You Read the News You’ll find News Stories about JEALOUS Men and Women who do Terrible Things to their Former Loves.

Men mostly do violence. (But most men remember what happened to Wayne Bobbit.)

And perhaps WOMEN have even more Reason to be Jealous than MEN - because of how many men CHEAT. And How Few Act on their Jealous Emotions.

So Taylor TAPS Into this Universal PENT UP Emotion that women FEEL. Let’s them LAUGH OUT LOUD as they Experience what it would be like to GET REVENGE on the men in their lives.

I - Taylor meets a Handsome Hunk in her 3-D Interactive “Blank Space Vide”

II - Taylor Catches him SMILING as he Flirts with ANOTHER WOMAN
via Text Messages on his iPhone. Snatches the phone and LOOKS.

III - Then we see Taylor in a RAGE as she uses a Gold Club to smash the headlights on his 300,000 new car.

Cuts holes in his 500.00 shirts.

Takes a huge knife and cuts an X in his portait she - painted on the wall.

GREAT FUN and MILLIONS of Women get to Follow Along.

The 3-D APP
Is Free and Interactive.

Taylor is REALLY INSIDE the heads and Emotions of hundreds of millions of Women of all ages.

And she says it in words in song - “Men Don’t Want Love Unless it’s Torture.”

And Repeatedly talks about “Players” - guys who date more than one woman at a time.

NLP Tactic #4 - Taylor Turned Another Song into a Video called “Mean”

Yet Again she is INSTANTLY inside the minds of women listeners.

What woman has not Experienced a MEAN MAN?

Why is this “ADVANCED NLP Psychology?”

Taylor is communicating with your Emotional Unconscious mind on at least 3 levels I can find.

Level I - The Sexual meaning of a lyric
Level II - The Physical Violence meaning
Level III - Emotional Abusive Behavior meaning

The Lyric that taps into all 3 Meanings?

“You Can Take Me Down w/a Single Blow.”

8 words.

8 words and Taylor Triggers at least 3 Unconscious Emotions - at the same TIME.

Plenty more Hidden Here
so we will Explore this Further.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Just Suppose You Want ADD Some Advanced NLP to your FLIRT TIPPING?

You Can APPLY what Taylor is doing - With The Greatest of Ease. (Cuz We tested this out for you.)

You Can Make Munny
By Imitating What Taylor does.

Check out this “Taylor Swift EMOTION CREATION Psychology” Yourself.
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