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Old May 13, 2016, 09:39 AM
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Default The Ben/Harvey project.

Originally Posted by ascendedmind View Post
Thank you Gordon, I appreciate your candor & appreciation of the toll position concept taught by Harvey Brody.

I was hoping Harvey would have more passion about sharing his business concepts etc.

I'm surprised Sherman has not fully accomplished this yet as both he & Harvey were discussing this over 30 years ago!

Well, passion, is a pretty personal thing, isn't it? Sherman's site has been around for years, and for the active members, it fulfilled what he purposed it for. He told me, there were too many INactive, do nothing types (my words, not his)...that it was clogging the place.

Harvey SHARED his business concepts, all those reports are mostly still available, try eBay...and he shared through both myself and Dien. My first response sheds light on one of his most ADVANCED concepts, probably a 7th gear project. A concept he is doing in 2016.

Too busy making money with the concepts & not enough time or passion to complete their vision?

Partly true, no doubt...again, I can't speak to either man's passion and I would say, from my experience here for 15 years and 50 years in the business arena...the VISION of a 35 year old man may not be the same as the vision of a 65 year old. The only vision I'm aware of was their desire to share and make it a better world, both have done this through their works.

Actually I learned just as much from you & Harvey's sales letters about the concepts almost as much what he taught in the course!

EVEN MORE, because those 5th, 6th and 7th gear concepts were barely touched upon, and, of course, technology has changed a great deal in the last 25 years.

Too bad I no longer have his sales letters...

Might try google, I might have seen them in one of those "collector's" swipe file.

Again I appreciate you & Dien's passion about these concepts.

We have applied these concepts in our own lives and businesses, and we both frequently consult our notes, and our audio. Always find a nugget everytime.

Btw, Gordon of course you want to share the following:

"The year of work I did on the Ben Suarez/Harvey Brody project is locked in a vault, and I don't have permission (nor inclination) to share any of it."

...If you didn't then why would you even be inclined to even mention it?

NO. The reason I did mention it is very was a HOT topic at the forum for a long time as I shared ongoing reports about what was happening...for me, it was a Milk and Honey project.

I was paid (very well) for the work, that was the milk part...I had a piece of the action when or if it worked...that would have been sweet, the honey, but I give myself credit for at least structuring the deal where I didn't work on spec, and with the PASSION I had for the project, I very well might have. Many members here were following along, and...

were looking forward to the updates from both men. I was and remain disappointed my work was never seen, BUT, I was paid.

I guess Ben has the keys to THAT vault, and after just spending the last year in prison, my understanding today is, he's working on rebuilding his company and my best guess is, doing some heavy thinking about his/its future.

Also, it's not like I haven't answered questions, both here and privately and have shown a willingness to share what I learned...I just avoid saying anything that was covered under the agreement.

And you are right, we can all learn a lot from what they do, and neither man has any hidden away secrets that aren't readily available elsewhere.


Now you just aroused my curiosity about the Ben Suarez/Harvey Brody project locked in a vault! Where are the keys?

Many librarians, collectors and vicarious thrill seekers visit here, the Warrior Forum and other places. They get a high of sorts from the knowledge.

They KNOW.

But they don't do.

You can find them here, at other forums, blogs and Facebook groups. We might think of them as groupies. The men have their man caves, where books and video and notebooks sit upon their shelves...sometimes representing thousands of dollars spent...

they can talk about Abraham, Kennedy, Halbert...or the old masters, or the online gurus because they bought the courses. They usually have a favorite, they are fan boys.

But they don't do.

And over the last 15 years, we have shared as much information here as anywhere on the internet, and have shed light on concepts, strategies, and methods which have been tested and proven.

We have given away tons and boatloads of information, as has the participating members.

We long ago realized a huge percent of all people do NOT do.

I can name 10 people off the top of my head who have both Cossman and Brody material....and have never sent a single letter to a company or person seeking STORED VALUE. They KNOW about Toll Positions.

They do not DO.

Harvey Brody became a favorite subject here because he responded to a post we made early on in the SowPub project. I got one of the original courses back in the 70s, and actually applied some of his concepts.

But he is just ONE man with the "perfect" business for him. I've spent a lifetime around scores of people who were DOING their perfect businesses.

There is no one size fits all. It is good to learn and study...

but it is better to apply.

IF Sherman Hunter (or anyone) is only going to be part of someone's library...then what he is doing today, probably is going to be a waste of time for that person.

Gordon Jay Alexander
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