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Old March 22, 2017, 01:12 PM
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Default Here is Episode 32 because...

it has been my most responsive episode so far. For those who are not subscribed:

32 Episode Fly Low and Collect the Dough UPDATE HOTLINE by Gordon J. Alexander 32

BIG episode. Contains money making concepts, strategies, implementation you can apply today, or could be a waste of your time. YOU decide.

For about 16 years out of the 20 I taught golf, I did not operate a business. Go to the course Saturday morning and guys would hand me cash or checks. Used that for our date night.

Same with detailing cars. First few years before kids, my wife and I would detail cars at doctors and dentist's offices or at their homes and pocket enough cash to see a movie and a dinner or a Harry Chapin concert.

When I did start the golf business we organized as a Sub-chapter S corp.

I operated Off Key Singing Telegrams and Resumes PLUS as a sole proprietor. And in between had many Fly LOW And Collect the Dough cash generators. So, you may not be interested in starting or having a biz, you could just be making money. Don't need a biz to sell your TV, eh?

But in general money making activity, biz or cash generator share some common ground.

YOU Don't get paid for doing nothing.

A transaction is an exchange of agreed upon value. Things, services as well as money can be exchanged. Barter is often when money is NOT one of the things exchanged, but could be.

Leverage is the use of Other People's: time, money, skills, knowledge, resources. OR when scale and economies come into play. To use leverage, up the VALUE of what you offer in exchange.

There is push and pull in marketing. Push is when you go to them, pull is when they come to you. A popcorn stand in the middle of the mall pulls you to it, via aroma, sight.

A tin of gift popcorn is pushed at you with advertisements (promotions); TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, Trade Journals, Direct Mail...letters, fliers, postcards, co-op mailings such as Coupon Connection, Gold Clipper, Red Plum, Town Money Saver, etc.

A biz must have NET PROFITS, unless you are a tech start-up and venture funded, I can't think of any of these that would be considered FLY LOW projects so not germane to this discussion.

Most of my early golf students came to me via referral, almost all by pull. When I did the golf as a business routine, I had to push promotions, here is a link to a Press Release, which led to this story and was worth thousands of dollars of new business.


Here is an ad I ran one time, and it brought in over $15,000.00 of new business before I even opened, the golf shop was, in effect, funded by this 500 dollar ad. Sweet.


Note on this ad, it included admission to CLINICS, I could teach 10 people in an hour, thus LEVERAGING my time to make 10x the moolah. Then I recorded these clinic workshops and sold them for years as cassettes and then CD's. LEVERAGE. Do something once, sell it forever.

Bud Riggs could bring in 100 bux in an hour cleaning headlights. Using the leverage of specialized report, and a JV with my lists, he was able to do $10,000.00 in sales in ONE day. Over 25k in his first month.

Can you see WHY I'm so hot on Automatic Product Vending sites?

If you DO for your money, such as clean headlights, on your own, it is a self restricting income, being there are only so many hours you can DO. Add employers, such as Independent Contractors to DO for you for a commission, you can rapidly increase your income.

So this is all very general stuff most of you have heard before, and from me for over 3 decades now. Hardly earth shattering information so far.

NOW, lets look at success and failure. Profits vs spinning wheels going nowhere. I know for a fact there are some of both reading this.

To those of you stuck in a rut, digging yourself deeper, here is what the successes reading this does differently than what you have done.
  1. They focus. Success has a goal, they want to get somewhere and make the journey as agreeable to themselves as is possible.
  2. FOUNDATION. They build success on a foundation of knowledge, experience and desire.
  3. Framework. They find a successful framework, which they can use over and over.
If you are in the wheel spinning group, ask yourself about the above, do you have a goal you focus on and stay with it or are you a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next?

Why is it so hard to keep on track? Too many options coupled with near desperation or frustration. You may not be desperate, but some of your frustration is palpable. I feel you.

What you need is quick and easy success. NOTE it isn't going to be big, or get rich, but you need some cash flow, and like Bud Riggs did, a quick shot of cash helps you build the foundation to grow on.

I personally haven't come across anything faster than mini reports, for IM or online remote direct marketing, and chatteling or buying and selling for offline cash.

Regarding Remote Direct Marketing, the old Ben Suarez Net Profit Generator System still is one of the best formulas to follow. It has four parts:
  1. Prospect
  2. Product
  3. Promotion
  4. Media
You can take a prospect first approach or a product first approach. The fastest way is to find a group of people predisposed to BUY and offer them something you know they are interested in. But, you can have a product first then try to sell it to a group or general public. A project I did while at SCI, and I seldom discuss this, because, it usually brings a lot of inquiry (and I don't have the time) is:

At SCI, there was a big room, full of every promotion SCI ever tested and used. There was also a library of advertisements from competitors, a Gary Halbert collection, and millions of dollars of test results. As the featured writer for Ben's newsletter, I spent a lot of time in “seed world” researching successful promotions.

A project on the boards, so to speak, was a subscription service to replace the newsletters that had 12 promotions a month gone over in great detail. It was similar to what we thought about doing at Greentree Press with Bud Weckesser's 25 years of ads.

Today, both would be successful since the copywriting world has exploded. I see a lot of people studying what I know for a fact were flops, as ways to write copy. I want the results of the ads.

Anyhow, I mention this, mainly because Ben Suarez has sold a few BILLION dollars worth of products and his EdenPure space heater ad (his was the control) sold a billion dollars of ONE product. Few of even the most well known marketer/copywriters have that as proof of their ability.

I wonder if any of you would be interested in a product that broke down ads and you saw the results?

If so, you have my email. increase income, you increase the number of transactions you make or raise the amount of each transaction, and preferably both. It is the reason to have back-ends and up-sells, cross sells, down-sells, and to offer a whole family of product.

Regarding selling, especially by REMOTE means. People are PREOCCUPIED. They have themselves on their mind. You must breakthrough their preoccupied mind and get and keep their ATTENTION.

Summaries and thoughts:

For rapid profits, write (or have written or use PLR) a specialized report, set up an Automatic Vending Site and drive traffic to it, and use FACEBOOK; join groups, participate and get your word out, IF suitable for the SowPub crowd, let us know if interested in doing a Joint Venture with an offer to our lists.

Or sell your TV. Use the money to flip some more stuff.

Now for some pitches.

I've teamed up with Rochester, NY Entrepreneur Steve DiMarco, an expert on Franchising and Biz-Op to offer you a variety of programs from very reasonable get acquainted programs all the way to a one year of joint coaching (only a few) for 2500. We will consider payments too.

Many of you know, in addition to Ben Suarez, Rod Napier, Joe Karbo, I've also studied (as has Dien) the concepts of Harvey Brody and his TOLL POSITION concept.

I'm considering offering a few licensing strategies for a select few. There have been people interested in buying these, lock, stock and barrel. But I don't think I'm interested.


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