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Old September 11, 2017, 07:14 PM
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Default I stand by my assertion with balls.

Originally Posted by sandalwood View Post

Appreciate your exchange. Of course, you can cut the leash anytime you wish. It is your forum. What you can't cut the leash on is your mindset. Nobody can. You either think one way or you think the other. Your choice.

At no time did I advocate any position and I certainly don't advocate violence. I advocate your right to say any damned thing you wish and go one step further and believe you should have the balls to take, if any, the consequence(s).

I provided examples. The sites I quoted were more sympathetic to the violence prone idiots as is Bray's book. If he believes what he writes, and if I was a violent person, I'd feel no compunction about smashing you in the face for what I would call your rant.


Because Mr Bray's reasoning permits me to make myself judge, jury and executioner if someone says something I don't like. That sir is undeniable. Read his book and tell me differently.

As for all the players you mentioned, what do they have to do w/what I wrote? You provide extremes and say extremes always come together. Yeah, they both want to rule the world if that is a definition of coming together. They think they know what is good for the common herd members. Just follow them and it'll be peaches and cream. Viva Maduro, ey amigo?

Can you remember when Patriot was a dirty word? Just another point in the long list of points on which we can waste our time.

Either way, it is your forum and you set the parameters. If it's good bye, then it's good bye.

I asked Dien to leave the thread up. I think it is a learning lesson.

YOU, a guy schooled by US Military in Propaganda techniques (covert persuasion) made the post. You chose the links. Within your post you used the DIVISIVE, us against them approach as Bernays et al taught. We just saw this expertly used by Joel Osteen, once he got his shet together after stumbling around Harvey for awhile and we saw his cult respond with literal cheers of joy and "you tell em Joel".

Subtle word choices? NOT by someone as expert as yourself in these matters, the use of "good Christians" vs "non christian catholics", like Mel Gibson I suppose, he with the most watched movie ever about Jesus Christ.

A trained propagandist knows how to use these "us vs them" psychological triggers, as seen by Steve Bannon on Sunday. You know what you are doing. The links were carefully chosen to show the ideas of either one man or a small group of his followers so you know how to disseminate information, or mis information as the case may be, all weapons of someone schooled by the military would use.

Why would we not believe you didn't have the intent to agitate, you want to control the conversation, I'm more than willing and ready to enter the discussion, and then there was that little shading of the forum, the owners/moderators, who should fear the wrath of the so-called antifa.

As for Bray, I put him in with L.Ron Hubbard, Frank Wallace and Aleister Crowley. To shed light on his ramblings serves your purpose, it is a standard propaganda move, as far as my education goes, they didn't teach it in either cooking school or submarine school....

But in order to have a point, you need a counterpoint, every PROtaganist needs an antagonist, eh?

I stand by my assertion, you are here to disrupt, you used your propaganda training in your post, and I want everyone to see it and they can then judge for themselves, fair enough?

You do want to agitate and you are a provocateur, and if need be, we will limit the amount of propaganda you do post, but I hope this stays up, it is a good education piece, to see how ONE side of a topic is shown, displayed with the use of very good psychological triggers. For that I thank you, truly.


Last edited by GordonJ : September 13, 2017 at 12:53 PM.

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