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Old November 27, 2017, 02:14 PM
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Default Which begs the question, what do you KNOW?

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
In the cash gifting/manifestation report I review the POA and the 7 exits.

And got some feedback, which I address this way: IF you think there are more than 7 or less than7 exits, great go ahead and make your own.

The SQ1 is a foundation you can build a personalized plan from. It adjusts to you, which is unique in all of the self help models, where you follow directions.

Now I wrote about making money, although noted it was one of five lanes or rings in your circus, LIKEWISE, if you want 10 lanes, or 3, go ahead and adjust it to fit your own thinking. Doesn't matter really. I picked 5 cause I got 5 fingers on one hand and it made it easy to keep track.

Making money and the SQ1. In lesson 2 and 2B, you see the PictoGrigms regarding the making of money.

The first is the SOURCES pictogrigm. Work starts the list and is the most used source of income. I think we all understand work (werk!).

On the list of sources you see active, passive and no cost ways to get income, the no cost way is to Joint Venture, easy to see in IM, create something for somebody's list and split the sales. SOP in IM. Costs nothing.

On 2B we see that: Value is a perception. Money is one Medium of exchange, and ONE measure of value.

We also see the Master Rule, TO GET, GIVE. You also see SEEDS planted and manifested, and what the deep earth gives us too. A correction I may make, or one you can if you want, is to give GIFTS its own line, rather than being under legacies.

We also see that KNOWLEDGE is the thing most emphasized and the thing which can also be converted to cash or money or VALUE. Simply exchange more of it.


So, if KNOWLEDGE is emphasized, then it stands to reason, you can offer value with what


Back in 1976 I made scores of candles, had two basic shapes, a PYRAMID and a VOLCANO. They were great candles, but, no one would buy them, even if I lost money, people just thought they were too unusual. I was about a decade and a half ahead of my time. I did use them as gifts, and it became a joke in our circle of friends, who took to RE gifting them to each other. Ah the trials of an innovator.

Sure, I could tell you how to MAKE candles, but I lack the KNOWLEDGE of selling them. I could borrow that knowledge.

One of our SowPubbers sold thousands of bars of homemade soap, he not only can tell you how to make soap, but also how to sell it, he was in the 30,000 bars sold neighborhood.

Likewise, Bud Rigss was DOING headlight cleaning and making about 400 a week on average in little Carlsbad, NM, so he had the knowledge of doing and selling.

DOING and SELLING. That is a magical combo. Sure, you can make some moolah from teaching the How To. And there are huge markets for this, my decades old example of Jinny Beyer shows this (she is a quilter).

I've found it best to BORROW knowledge (or JV) with the doers and sellers), that is if you have knowledge of how to do something and have been able to market it, then you have some value that other people want.

They may want your knowledge of doing something, like quilting or field dressing a deer, or making soap or building a bunker...but these have a tendency to be either smaller or more expertise markets, and that can be good too, depending on your product.

The point is, KNOWLEDGE needs to come out of your mind, packaged in a way people will buy it, based on how they already do buy. You can write a HOTSHEET or do a little report. Audio. Video. Webinar. Heck, one of my kids gets 150 bux an hour for her skype coaching, set up by the company she works for...she's killing me on the per hour fees, HA!

So as you are reading through the Cash Gifting report, keep in mind the seeds you plant in the sky, are seeds of value, which bear fruit on OTHER PEOPLE'S lifelines. See?

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