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Old December 11, 2017, 02:35 PM
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Default Don't chase the money, let the money find you.

Unless it is very low hanging fruit and quick to pick, I don't advise chasing after quick money, but often, quick money finds you in the direct proportion of you offering what people want.

So what are some of the BIG problems, gleaned from 17 years of doing this forum and even before that?

#1. Not knowing what you want or why. But, as often as not I hear, I just want the money, the how is unimportant.

Just not true. Or else we'd all be doing MLM selling Amway like the triple diamonds at the top of the pyramid.

#2-Thinking you know what you want, you set up HUGE goals, big dreams and become calculator millionaires in no time. Some of you have been calculator millionaires for over a decade, while struggling to keep your house.

#3-NOT getting fast enough results, and as we have recently discussed, on the POA

That exits one, two and three are where so many of you get off the road on the way to your dream.

OK, so what can you do to get fast results? Well, it is pretty easy, if you are interested in a TOLL position, you can get started simply by learning easy to operate Joint Ventures via such web sites as WarriorPlus, ClickBank, Commission Junction and

Lots of ideas there. Sure mostly affiliate sites, but it is a low cost intro into a Joint Venture, and could fund your more ambitious goals.

Also, it is my opinion, GOOD ENOUGH is better than perfection at the start up, or in other words, better to get shot out of the water than to rot at the dock as Burt Morgan would say.

You wouldn't belive me, but seriously there are more than a dozen people whom I've talked with, even counseled, who are sitting on their personal gold mines, who have yet to introduce a single product.

YES, if you think I'm talking about you, you are right, all dozen plus of you.

And there are others, who have done things, but abandon them. You need look no further than recent discussions to see that people HAD things for sale that other people wanted to buy, but they are gone and hard to reach.

There are at least 6 projects started, front ends developed, which have done nothing for those who spent a lot of TIME to create them, honestly, I'm at a loss to explain the why.

If anyone can shed light on this, please be my guest.

Now here is one more opinion, I think most people get lost, get defeated at the start. They set themselves up for failure at the GO square. They aim for Park Place and Boardwalk on the Monopoly but end up taking a railroad to a different destination.

HOW and WHY you choose a business or money making opprotunity goes as much toward your success as anything else. What you choose to do, is going to make or break you. Just as Ben Suarez struggled for 5 years trying, trying this, that and the other, trying to make money, it only happened after he had been persuaded to open his eyes to the reality of life, and sell what people wanted to buy.

Do people really want to buy your thing? Really? What proof do you have of that? I remember talking to a guy who wrote a report on making your own loofa sponges and I asked him WHO would want that, and his reply flooored me...he said everyone. Everyone would want to buy his report on growing gourds and turning them into loofas, never mind you could buy them at the Dollar Tree or drug stores for less money than it cost to get the seeds for the gourds.

But he was like so many inventors and creators I've spoken with. They've spent so much time inside their heads, dreaming these things up, so much time just knowing it is going to be the next big thing, they lose touch with reality. Want some reality? Check your bank account, that is as real as it gets.

So how do you become a money magnet? Well again, I told that Ben Suarez/Gary Halbert story for a reason, it is the example that money flows toward the person who has what people WANT.

Gary Halbert learned this lesson and made it a part of his marketing, offering what people wanted, not trying to convince them to buy...he was a great copywriter, not because he could sell ice to Eskimos (although he probably could have)...but he was brilliant at picking products people wanted, and then getting their juices flowing, like Beauty.

I have no interest in learning how to start a snow plowing business, as I'm looking out my window to the first snows coming down. If you are selling a manual on snow plowing, don't waste your ad dollars in FL. Sure, no one is that stupied, eh? But you'd be surprised on how often people try to PERSUADE, or INFLUENCE or use NLP, or hidden copywriting tricks to get people to buy...

Again, from Gary Halbert, build your hamburger stand in the middle of a starving crowd, (except for starving Vegans) and you are on your way.

Why is choosing the right opportunity so difficult? And why do so many get it so wrong?

Last edited by GordonJ : December 11, 2017 at 02:54 PM.
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