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Old January 8, 2018, 11:38 AM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default CH #2 - Helen's Thank You Card/1.00 Bill Tipping Restaurant Fun

Thanks Dien,

CH #3 - Helen's Thank You Card/1.00 Bill Tipping Restaurant Fun

You Too Can Take Advantage of the fact that SO FEW
Restaurant Diners THANK and REWARD their Server.

Hey Glenn,

Well, as I told you in my previous email, it looked like it was going to be a
long wait at the restaurant. But with the ***thank you card strategy*** to the
hostess it took all of 5 min. for us to get the table.

My friend who was standing next to me, didn't see what I was writing, but
saw that I had given the card to the receptionist, and was intensely curious as to
what I had done when we got the table so fast.

Smiling, I told her I would show her later in the evening. When we were
seated, I purposely took the chair closest to the walkway. When the waiter came
(we lucked out and got a good looking guy) we all ordered.

When he returned I made eye contact with him and gave him my order. He
gave me good eye contact back and took me as the one in charge of the table.
We all chose seperate checks, which you could see somewhat bothered him
because he would have to do 12 different totals instead of one.

I slipped out ***a dollar*** from my purse and gave it to him when my
friends were finishing up their orders. I told him thank you. We continued with
our chatting while waiting for our meals. He came right back with our breadsticks
and salad. (Another dollar).

Then he was back again within 5 min. letting us know that our meals were
cooking and that they should be out shortly. Now remember this restaurant was
full, every table was full. He also refilled a few drinks. I was having a lot of fun. I
was visiting with friends I hadn't seen in years, and was getting great service fo
us with just a few little tricks I learned from you.

A few minutes later, he walked past again and smiled at me. Just me. I knew
then that the NLP was working. Our food was done and he brought it out
alongwith a few other guys. It was piping hot and was delicious. When he was
done setting the food out, I gave him another dollar and thanked him again for
his top notch service.

The evening went great. The girls commented on how attentive he was, all
the while never noticing that I had given him a few dollars during the meal. When
the meal was over, he brought back our tickets...all 12 of them. I paid with my
credit card, so I put it in the pouch along with a $5 bill.

I also decided to write a quick thank you note.

When he brought back our receipts, he had given our table a 10% discount.
(I have no idea what for, but accepted it). I took you advice from another free
e-zine...(the dollar tipping) and thought the evening was a huge success.

I would love to try more of these ideas and give you feedback if you will let
me. Oh, the friend that was so curious as to what I had given the hostess called
me up the next evening and begged me to tell her what I had said to get such
fast service. I told her that it was the thank you card.

She was surprised that was what it was, and that it had worked so well. I
told her that she was there front and center to see it happen before her eyes. So
now she is a believer as well as myself.

You may use this for your testimonials if you would like. Just do not use my
last name.




You Might say, "But I don't Go to Restaurants much."


You can easily adapt what Helen did from Your Home computer. Or from your iPhone. STAY TUNED. Find Out how we Do it.


What Might Helen's Restaurant Thank You Note Have Said?

Thanks Mike,

I Appreciate your Help Entertaining 11 of my Former
High School Girl Friends. And For Double Checking with the
chef - on my behalf. Helen


What Can YOU Thank your Waitress For in Print?

Thanks Angela,

Thanks again for bringing me samples
of the Soup of the day to taste. And for
refilling my friends Iced Tea and the extra
rolls. Glenn

And Why not hand her the Card AND a LOTTO ticket all at the same time?

THIRD - How We Thank You Note Tip Clients AND Prospects Using PAYPAL.

I - Paypal Does Not Charge you a cent when you send a 1.00 Gift
to a friend.

II - Paypal also gives you a nice "Message Box" to Type your Thank you
note into.

III - The PayPal Subject Line GUARANTEES Your Thank You Email gets
Opened. Because it says, "You Have Money!"

IV - Here's The Kind of Thank you Notes we send out to VIP Newsletter Subscribers via PayPal...

Dear Cathy,

Please Take a Peek At This LINK to my Favorite New Clients and Extra Munny
Attraction Affirmation. Test it yourself. Let me know what happens!

Glenn (I sent her the link to This Biz Forum.)

Try This Idea Out Yourself.

You'll Be SHOCKED (in a good way) at the Results.


Last edited by Dien Rice : January 8, 2018 at 04:38 PM. Reason: formatting
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