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Old January 15, 2018, 02:59 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default How Scott Went From Installer to Cable TV S*ales SuperStar

Thanks Gordon - Dien,

How Scott Went From Installer to Cable TV S*ales SuperStar

(EDITORS NOTE I - As You Read Scott's Testimonial - KEEP IN MIND -
that Thanking a Stranger for Letting You Take Their Picture. Then
Handing them their Photo - in front of their OWN Door. IS a "Photo Thank You
Card." It's simply visual instead of Words.)

(EDITORS NOTE II - And, YES, Scott IS Dollar Tipping Each Home Owner.
It costs Moolah to hand a Instant color photo to each prospect at the door.
Maybe MORE than a buck.)

(EDITORS NOTE III - Because - With a few Tweaks - Scott was out-selling
the #1 and #2 and #3 - S*alespeople Combined. He had a Problem. Since he
Doesn't get p*aid until the Cable is Installed. And the Installers couldn't get
to his prospects quickly. They called a Competitor. So Scott had to take Sales
jobs at 3 Different Cable Companies in Order to Get Paid for his Sales Success.)


Hey Glenn,

You know, I think I can get used to this kind of stuff.

I was going over my notes from our conversation to pick something out
that I could use right away and see how things go.

Well, I really liked the use of a camera to break the ice while selling
Cable TV door to door, BUT I changed it around a bit.

I went to the door of a home I knew recently sold and the homeowners
were home, and when the lady answered the door I introduced myself and
. . . er . . . I think it would be best if I just wrote it out as if
you were there.

HO = Home Owner
ME = well, me of course

HO - Answers door

ME - Hi, I'm Scott with CableOne and this may sound like an ODD request
but would you mind if I snapped your picture? You see, my BOSS doesn't
think I'm actually out here talking to people, so I thought this would
be the best way to PROVE I am.

HO - giggles, and says "WHy not

ME - Aim, focus and SNAP, picture is taken, would you like to see how
it turned out?

HO - giggles some more, "Oh I don't know, well OK"

ME - I show her the pic, and tell her if this doesn't convince my BOSS
then I don't know what will.

HO - Why do you have to PROVE you are talking to people

ME - I'm the manager of this SUB for CableOne, and my job is to make
sure I let every home owner know about our "NEW HomeOwner specials"

HO - interrupts me to ask what kind of specials we have

We talk back and forth, and I end up writing up my first sale.

WOW, I thought how could this get any easier

So I made sure to look for the homes where people were home, and when
the day was over I had made EIGHT SALES!!!

That is more than half my quota for an entire week.

The Lady Who HATES Cameras

The funniest one was one lady who said she HATES cameras and doesn't
like her picture to be taken, and I SAYS, "Then put your hand in front
of your face or turn away, all I need to do is show my BOSS that I was
here talking with YOU, and I will even show you the pic so you can see
that you can't see WHO you are. BINGO, my IN for another SALE!

Glenn,THANK YOU, thank you VERY much, this is actually FUN now ;-)

Feel free to use this anyway you choose.

Best . . . Scott


What Scott Picked up on from our Phone Chat where we Discussed
40 or 50 Very Successful Dr To Dr S*ales Strategies...

Is the INSTANT RAPPORT Building - Thank you Photo - Idea that Self
Made B*illionaire, Paul Meyer, taught all the s*ales people in his 31 Companies.

Paul says, "Walk up to strangers at the movies, at the mall, in a Restaurant
and say, "I think your baby is really cute. I really think Your Purple hair looks
Fantastic. Can I have your Permission to Take a Picture?"

Then, "Take the Photo. Hand it to them."

RESULT - Instant Trust and Rapport and they will ask YOU, "What do you do?" And you tell them, "I sell insurance. Betcha I can save you a bunch of
munny. Will you let me Beat What You're P*aying now?"

MUCH MUCH Easier to use this idea today - with iPhone Camera's. You
Take multiple shots and show them. When you get one they like. Email it to
THEIR phone.

Meanwhile you have spent 5 or 10 minutes with a TOTAL STRANGER
who is now pretty darn friendly.


Last edited by Dien Rice : January 15, 2018 at 04:29 PM. Reason: formatting
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