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Old January 31, 2018, 07:20 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default My Recent $1051.00 Day Using Email From Home

<p>Thanks Gordon,

<p><b>My Recent $1051.00 Day Using Email From Home</b>

<p>You Always make me think Out-Side-The-Tunnel, Gordon.

<p>Which is fun.


<p>Here is a Recent THOUSAND DOLLAR Day I had based on Two Different
1-of-a-kind Info Products.

<p>Anyone Can Do this from Their Home Computer. You Find a Hobby or
Something You are Good at. Enjoy. Do Regularly. And Most of the time
You will Discover YOU are Doing it Differently And Better than most.

<p>This means you Can Make Your Version -



<p>Often I Send an Email then Call on The Phone to MAKE SURE they
Got it. But These 2 times I used Email and Didn't even Call by phone to
Close the Sale.

<p>FIRST - In Order to CHARGE HIGHER Prices and Get Paid - You Have to Create an Info Product Or Service NOBODY ELSE Has.

<p>Or as I often do -

<p>ADD SOMETHING New to an Existing idea.

<p>We all Learned from Robert Cialdini in his book - "INFLUENCE" that the #1
Most Powerful Invisible Persuasion Situation is -


<p>A - So At First I Bought Cheap (Used but looks new) Books And Wrote a
Sales letter about the Benefits. To Create something New - And
1-of-a-kind - SCARCE. To Boost Chi Energy.

<p>B - People sent me 29.00 and I sent them MY Email Report
And Snail Mailed them a copy of the book. Which I bought for 5.00

<p>C - So I had a 20.00 Profit. After s & h

<p>D - More Recently I IMPROVED the Extra Energy Exercises so I could GUARANTEE You Feel a ENERGY BOOST in 24 to 48 hours - instead of a week.

<p>E - So I set up a Separate website. RAISED THE PRICE to 138.00.
Wrote a New Sales letter Based on one of My Best Selling Niches -

<p><b>"How to INVISIBLY FLIRT and Get Dates With Pretty Girls.</b>

<p>Not Making this up.

<p>A Side Effect of MASSIVE Extra Chi Energy - Is Women are Attracted
and AWARE of Your ROOM FILLING - Expanded Energized Aura cloud.

<p>F - And When A College Student from Germany Found Me on SowPub. Emailed Me. And told me about Weight Lifting with his brother. I Emailed him and GUARANTEED Him A Way to Create and STORE Up Energy to Lift more weights - FASTER and EASIER by Doing the 10 Minute Exercise to
Create His own Stronger - BODY BATTERY.

<p>G - The Sale was made by Email.

<p>We sent him to the new website. Said, "Ignore-the-FLIRT-ENERGY-to-Attract
-Hot-Girls-S*ales-letter down the middle.

<p>"INSTEAD -- Check out all the Photos Down the left hand side. This is Me
At Age 62 - Cutting and Splitting Literally TONS of Oak Logs to heat the house.
ONLY Possible because I do The CHI ENERGY and BODY BATTERY Exercises
every morning.

<p>Cha-Ching -

<p>138.00 arrived in my PayPal Account.

<p>And in a day or 2 Carl Reported Getting TOO Much Extra Energy. So we
Told him to do fewer Reps.

<p>The Website has an ODD Name cuz I Have a Warped Sense of humor. And
Grew up a farm boy -

<p><b>On the SAME DAY - I Got 913.00 From Jerry in Texas</b>

<p>Jerry had contacted me cuz he and his brother and Dad had Bought
a Pool Supply company in Texas.

<p>And after some Questions -- Jerry Told us he was DESPERATE to Check
His Existing Employees - and Evaluate new Prospects coming in from Ads.

<p>So Jerry bought a Copy of our 913.00 MIND READING SYSTEM.

<p>As We Emailed To Jerry -

<p>A few Benefits we TOLD Him -

<p>***Deadly Accurate MindReading by doing Personality Profiles
based on Handwriting Analysis.

<p>***This is a very popular Info Product Because you Get 6 hrs of Audio
Case Studies from ME. Both Making Munny and Flirting with women.

<p>***Plus an INSTANT - Effortless System (Which is effortlessly memorized)
that is so small you can carry it in Your Pocket.

<p>***And Like all our Info Products a 365 day 100% moolah Back Guarantee.

<p>Because We Had Already Helped Jerry solve some other Problems.
He didn't even read the Sales letter. Just sent me moolah.

<p>For Anyone Who WANTS to Read The Sales letter - here is the link:

<p>139.00 plus 913.00 = 1051.00

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