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Old May 12, 2018, 10:34 AM
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Default GRAPE JUICE ATOMS, the atomic stand up comedian.

I've been asked about a former post, called the GRAPE plan. Here is the original post:

He helped me with a plan (I call it the GRAPE Plan)...

Action 0r Activity-

I was asked about the ENERGY part of the plan. I think the first four are pretty self-explanatory, but, this metaphor has set a goal as a destination, a place on a map you want to get to.

I'm currently in Akron, OH, but would like to get to Hollywood, CA. Goal. Reason? It is one of the centers of creative content, and I want to exploit mine. Activity? I'm writing content; scripts, treatments, ideas for TV and Film Industries. Plan? To pitch to specific targets this fall.

So, that is what my personal mini-plan looks like, the GRAP part of it, now comes energy.

Energy is of two types, MOVEMENT, and MENTAL.

In the metaphor of the map (or one I sometimes prefer, is the BRIDGE across the river, most of you have seen it).

Either one requires the movement from one place to another. From Akron to Hollywood. Very easy for me to Google map that and see the DISTANCE between the two. Distance is the measurement of movement.

If I were to DRIVE a car to Hollywood, it would require fuel, gas, diesel or electric, let's say gas. It won't get me there if I don't have enough gas in the tank. And this becomes a math problem. At 20 miles per gallon, and a distance of 2400 miles and at a cost of 3.00 a gallon, I can estimate the cost of the trip.

How does that work in goal setting? In my first encounter with MAPS, via a US Navy recruiter getting me to figure out what I wanted from my four years, I began by crossing out what I didn't want.

It is the process I now call the BINARY MATRIX of choosing. As seen in the SQ1,

then, once I had goals, what were the Navy's requirements for getting them? This became the FRAMEWORK of my Plan Of Action.

Basic Training.
Cooking School.
Submarine School.
Sub in Hawaii.
Transfer to WestPac ship.

See the world I wanted to see, get the experiences I wanted and to take control, as much as is possible for the four years I was willing to give to GET what I wanted.

Each goal within the time frame has its own ENERGY requirement. Basic training was 8 weeks of daily physical activity and mental exhaustion, I knew what was coming and prepared for it. Cooking school had other kinds of MOVEMENT, and having spent a lot of time in a restaurant, I only had to learn how to SCALE up the amounts, but the actual activity...the cooking, the baking, the food prep and learning...were things I had already done.

Submarine school was HARD for me, because it was all MENTAL energy, the physicality of Boot Camp and Cooking School had little mental strain to it, but now, it was all day in a class room, and NOT on a boat, you learned by diagrams and listening to lectures, and I barely had the MENTAL ENERGY to do it, fortunately for me, at the time cooks were needed, so they let my grades slide somewhat.

But it was hard. I learned a valuable lesson, about learning for myself, which was I needed a combo of class room and HANDS ON, actually doing, and not relying on just book learning to get a handle on turning information into knowledge.

When it got really tough, and almost took me out of Sub school, I had to look at my map, keep the goal in front of me, and do what it took, which meant spending my free time, staying on base, studying and trying to grasp certain concepts, in other words, I had to accept the work, the GRIND, the part where you give up something to get what you want...

which makes the REASON for doing it, that much more important.

So, in the GRAPE PLAN, the energy you need to fulfill the plan is of two natures, MOVEMENT, or physical energy...and that could be sitting at a computer and TYPING all day long,

And is coupled with MENTAL energy, which is controlling your thoughts, and this is pretty much covered in the SQ1.

Your body and mind need fuel; FOOD, exercise and REASONs WHY you are doing what you are doing.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to apply the GRAPE plan to their own goals.


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