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Old July 31, 2018, 02:25 PM
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Default The original idea and plan.

OK, the original plan had 12 REGIONAL centers, each center would have 12 satellites. The satellites, are basically people, who can work out of their homes.

The Regional Center operator would be a SQ1 certified instructor and coordinator. The 12 people would serve as distributors. They would also be qualified to teach the SQ1.

The product? THE PROSPECT.

Self-improvement, personal development, continuing education.

All ideas and big markets at that to help people along their life lines.

Self improvement has made people like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and Richard Allen tons of moolah. And hundreds of other people too.

Old friends Jim Straw and Melvin Powers sold self improvement, with Jim having a focus on business and money making.

In addition to regular universities, millions are spent with online colleges, schools, Masterclasses, etc. etc.

When I originally came up with the SQ1, and the whole PROSPECT AS PRODUCT idea, I was looking for lifetime value.

Areas where people would spend money and invest in themselves.

Jim Straw called his works, like Peanuts on a Bar. And his repeat customers accounted for huge sums of money. Same with Melvin Powers, who twice told me (a decade and a half apart) that if he had to start from scratch he'd begin with one self-improvement book.

The Square One Workshops were the foundation of our Seeds Of Wisdom web site and forum, where we wanted to plant seeds of knowledge for harvests of happiness.

The SQ1 were cobbled together from several real life experiences, including my time in the Navy (maps and setting goals), qualifying on a submarine (the qual card process) and from my 20 years of social work, using Individual Habilitation Plans, IEducationP's, PPP, IRP, PLANS, whatever they were called.

And from Golf. Training and keeping score. All of these elements went into the Square One Workshops. I left out religion, belief, dogma, and focused on what would work anywhere, on REALITY. Like the fact you are going to die.

And KNOWING that fact, doesn't it only stand to reason, you might as well LIVE while you can? Live the way YOU want to, live where and do what you want. Yet so many people can't, won't and don't live where and how they want.

Maybe because they weren't taught otherwise. I don't know.

I do know that AWARENESS plays a big role and living in reality beats a fantasy world hands down, and that people can and in fact DO CHOOSE their lives, even if that is a life of misery and self inflicted suffering.

The SQ1 are the instruction book no one ever gave you on how life works.

Not in theory or based on a given belief, but, how as an adult if you don't have control of your life, you have WILLINGLY SURRENDERED that control, a truth many don't like to hear.

Anyhow, the SQ1 center would be a place to continuously learn, grow and develop self while interacting with like minded people.

When I was doing social work, many of my peers thought business was somehow evil, and that making money was a crime...truly, many social workers still feel this way.

Making money is only an EFFECT. Plenty of good people doing good for others and making more than average wages to do it.

I've never had a line in the sand separating the social work from the for profit guys. In fact, I worked for more than one NOT for profit organizations which were run by jerks and a-holes, and more ego than a celebrity President to boot.

I've studied a lot of different things, from learning Astrology with the late great Annie Hershey, to metaphysics with Russel Thomas, to living off the land if need be. Practical things like skinning and cooking rabbits and squirrels (catching the latter with dental floss even) to very impractical things like NLP (or BS).

It is a big world out there, but the one thing I've seen since childhood is WAY TOOO MANY people living less than happy, fulfilled and satisfying lives.

And all too often because no one gave them a realistic way to make lasting changes. As the Eagles sang; " ...every form of refuge has its price".

Which includes those unhappy souls who find peace in drugs, alcohol and cults.

The SQ1 begins with a PERSONAL Lifeline, you have to draw your own. I've had several people over the years try to create a nice looking SQ1, all filled out...but they don't get it.

You have to write your own out, in your own hand. It isn't a fill in the blanks form, it is created from your memories and your experience, and no two are ever alike, how could they be? (Twins maybe come close).

So at the centers we'd begin there, and THEN address the current desire, be it for more money, a better job, a relationship, all of which can be answered by the SQ1 but you have to have one first.

All the training, reading, workshops, study groups serve one purpose, to make the INDIVIDUAL the result. YOU get what you want. Once you know what and why.

Been pretty much my mantra for 25 years.

Maybe, maybe not. I'll get around to it and actually open the first SQ1 center.

A question.

If I could prove a center leader could EASILY make $100,000.00 the first year, would any of you have any interest in knowing how?



Last edited by GordonJ : July 31, 2018 at 03:39 PM.
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