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Old October 29, 2018, 11:16 AM
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Smile The levels of preoccupation, and personality types too.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

The KIT is a very basic introduction to persuasion and influence.

To get someone to DO something you want them to do.

For me, and hopefully for most of you, it is about ACTION taken by another person. In my case, most of the time, as far as business and moolah making goes, it is about getting someone to send me money in exchange for something they WANT.

Feel free to bring your own definitions with you.

But without a RESPONSE to my persuasive/influential STIMULUS, what is the point?

OK, so the KIT has five basic elements to it.

First is: the TARGET and RESULT wanted. OR, who exactly are you trying to influence and WHAT exactly do you want them to do? These go together right up front, the very first consideration, and yet, we see so many would be persuaders (especially copywriters of the modern ilk) ignore and forget these.

WHO do you want to DO WHAT? WHO/WHAT. Can't make it any simpler than that.

In a selling situation, I want my prospect to buy from me and become a customer.

The easiest way to this result is to put what they are seeking and looking for on their path and let them BUY, WITHOUT any selling, persuasion or influence.

Over 80% of shopping carts at Walmart have toilet paper in them. Wonder who got that job, I guess it was their super computer looking over items bought.

NOT a whole lot of persuasion or influence going on, at least not there, maybe in the supermarket, where name brands compete, one might be influenced by advertising, and fuzzy bears being all soft and clean. HA!


ELEMENT TWO is the Intersection. Where the two minds meet. You as the seller/persusader/influencer meets the Target/Prospect/Person somewhere, somehow in someway.

Old world ways are TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mail and direct contact.

New world ways are emails, blog and forum posts, Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, social media in general and also direct mail/direct contact. Which as Glenn pointed out is the SECRET weapon of getting customers when every one else is sitting at a computer screen looking for magic, the person who makes contact in the right way, gets the goods.

So, where does this meeting of the minds take place. The INTERSECTION.

The THIRD ELEMENT is the PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTER. What and how do you get your Target's attention? How do you hold their attention? It has always been hard to get people's undivided attention, but today, with all the online activity being a constant in so many lives, this may be the CRITICAL element and one which carries more weight.

Because, without your Target's Attention, you stand no chance of getting them to do what you want.

Now, you can argue this point and really over complicate the psychology of it, but I like to keep things simple.

I like the idea of TWO kinds of Preoccupations (PO). The now, or top of mind, like what is for lunch and the deeper life preoccupations of what I want, how do I get it, etc. Again, feel free, as many of you do, to OVER COMPLICATE this thing and get bogged down in the quicksand of parsing and splitting hairs.

OR, keep it simple, think of a conscious PO, or a sub-conscious PO, which at any time could become top of mind.

You want to match your PI, with the Intersection. SEO is all about finding a person interested in something, and being in the top tier of search engine results when that person goes looking for ________. Either by organic or advertising means, you get their attention, just enough for them to click on your link which takes them to your well crafted intersection.

The KIT contains colored cards to help you sort and find out what the best Intersections look like and gives you the best chance for success.

FOURTH ELEMENT is EMOTIONAL RESONANCE. Call it a vibe, a feeling, a problem, a concern, a worry, a fear, whatever you want. It gets into the mind of your target by way of emotional resonating with their deeper feelings.

In old world selling it was, walking in the shoes of your customer. It was/is empathy. Understanding of their concern.

Your Preoccupational Interrupter hits a nerve in your target, gets them to start THINKING about one of their PO's. You have got their attention and now you want to get them emotionally involved and you do this through a resonating idea.


This takes you full circle back to the top, the WHAT you want them to do. It is a call, and is often refused. Which is ok in business. In old world remote direct marketing, a call to action to the general public needed a very small response to be successful. You will not get everyone who needs, wants, or even should buy your product/service to do so. It will never happen.

But if you select the right TARGETS, and have an emotional meeting of the minds along their path, with their best interests in mind, you can get a significant response rate which, if selling, could put a lot of money in your pocket or if for other purposes, give you a lot of influence.

So those are the basic ELEMENTS you will find in the KIT. Along with Gender Specific Preoccupations, Generational Specific Preoccupations.

How to construct an intersection most conducive to resonance.

Why selecting the right TARGET makes things so much easier, and where to find the right group of people.

5 best preoccupational interrupters.

Four of the most powerful emotional appeals to use.

Magic words. In addition to my SPIDERS, SNAKES AND MICE, there are influential words to use on the right people at the right time.

STORY TELLING as a PreOccupational Interrupter, how to tell a story which leads your target to the bridge, which IF they choose to cross takes them to the Greener Pastures of their tomorrows.

All of this in the Persuasion/Influence KIT, due out early NOV., after some Beta Testing has been done.

If you have any questions, please ask.

And pay attention to Glenn, he has his own way of doing things, but you may see a lot of this "model" of Elemental Influence in what he does, as you will see it in many of the effective marketers, and persuaders do.


Elemental Influence is about KNOWLEDGE,

And YOUR application of what you know. See, most of you have a depth of knowing which you sometimes forget, or just overlook. I want to bring what you know to the surface, make it part of your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.

When you are aware, then you can use and apply the KNOWLEDGE to your efforts. Those of you who have done and studied the depths of the SQ1 know this.

The PREMISE is simple enough, but you can disagree with it, OK?

The PREMISE is: people are PREOCCUPIED, and if you want to influence them, you must first break their preoccupation.
If you accept the premise then it begs further questioning, like:

What are they preoccupied with? Are there gender specific preoccupations? (yes)

Are there different levels? Yes, basically 3 with a couple of strings...

We are preoccupied with the moment, the now, what is in front of us.

We are preoccupied with our life. both physical and mental, and spiritual.

We are preoccupied with what others think about us.

Each of these have some segments and divisions to it.

Before I go off into La La land, there is a reason for knowing the nuances.

Take weight loss. A woman who has a 3 month old baby and wants to lose 20 pounds has a different preoccupation than a 28 year old lady facing her 10th class reunion. And those differences can be STIMULATED in different ways.

I gave you the FIVE parts to the puzzle:

KNOWING your target is job one. It is the "thing" all good copywriters know and use, and most new or beginning copywriters lose sight isn't about your brilliant writing, it is about stimulating THEM, giving them what they want.

And by knowing the variations of the wants/needs, via personality, gives you a leg up. May seem like a lot of work.

Maybe too much effort for some. But if you get the needle to move a little, in a direct response campaign for example, I've seen a 1% increase, from a 3 to a four percent response, translate into tens of thousands of dollars.

So, perhaps, making the effort via KNOWLEDGE and application, could be worth a year's executive salary with a single percentage increase in your results.

The KIT is color coded. Each ELEMENT having it's own color and the TARGETS are also color coded, and then you add the "nuances", as you know them to be.


PS. Glenn is going to be sharing some sensational stuff over the next few weeks, and he is expert at both REMOTE and in person influence. His big red nose and other tactics are an example of his application of his expertise in invisible influencers...and the KIT will show you why his methods can be so effective too.

STIMULUS/RESPONSE. May be all you need to KNOW, and APPLY!!
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