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Old November 3, 2018, 02:45 PM
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Default The PREMISE soon to be available. Booklet only.

Command, Control and Conquer

(link to formatted draft: )

Use Powerful Silent Mind Persuaders to Get What You Want.

You can take charge. Captivate, charm, fascinate, and influence without saying a word. (Proof below).

Add powerful tested and proven words of influence, you'll soon believe you can make anyone do anything at anytime you want them to. Maybe you can.

IF you accept this premise:

Success comes to those who know how to persuade, influence and get other people to help them reach their goals.

Whatever success you desire; more income, prestige, influence or all comes true as you get other people to help you. You can make them help you using just your mind. HOW?

You have to first get inside their heads,
take control of their thinking, and
then lead them to the action you want them to take.

These are the three steps you use to get people to do your bidding.

STEP ONE: Get inside their minds.
STEP TWO: Take control of their thoughts.
STEP THREE: Lead them to action.

Have you ever felt someone staring at you? Maybe in a restaurant, or at the store or a stop light? Can you recall how you felt?

PROOF: In fact, here is a test you can do for yourself, today, to PROVE to yourself the POWER of non-verbal communication. Go to the nearest fast food restaurant for lunch or dinner, when many people are there. Sit in a corner and stare at people. Try looking at people who are mostly turned away from you. They are NOT in your line of sight.

Try it. You will prove to yourself that people have an extra sense about other people. You may creep some people out, so be careful and as an added test, if someone “feels” you staring and looks your way, give them a big smile...they will think they know you. Why is this?

Because our animal natures still exist, our primitive survival skills are in tact yet pushed to our unconscious levels. We STILL sense our environment, and can “feel” things in the air.

You can tap into these basic human instincts and like many animals in nature, you can fascinate people with just a look. Or creep them out. Don't creep anyone out, OK?

You can use these elementary unconscious leftovers of our reptile brain functions from remote locations too, through the use of powerful WORDS which trigger an emotional, often gut level, reaction.

When you combine powerful emotional words with elementary feelings,
you make magic happen in your life.

This new work, ELEMENTAL INFLUENCE, gives you the basic tools you can apply to your goals and have other people help you without their even knowing.

WHO is this work for?
Parents, who want to get their kids to listen
Teachers, who can take back their classrooms
Salespeople, who want to increase their sales and income
Copywriters, who want to make more money from their work
Advertisers, who want to sell more of their products

Also, people who are seeking permanent love, or even just a night of romance.

Internet marketers who can apply the REMOTE techniques to increase their sales.

Politicians who want to get elected or stay in office (although you shouldn't reveal this, because we don't want these powerful methods to be used against us).

Use the tools of ELEMENTAL INFLUENCE to make your desires come true. Whatever they are.

IF YOU ARE READY FOR ACCELERATED SUCCESS, then put your hands on this new work which empowers you to use the hidden and oft secret methods of influence and persuasion.

What is it? And how much is it?

IT is a small booklet, 24 pages of distilled knowledge, in digest form, which gives you the tools and information you need to start your new life, whatever you want that to be.

Here is the table of contents:

INTRODUCTION. THE preoccupied mind. The leftover reptile brain inside everyone.

The PRIMARY preoccupations we all live with. The gender specific preoccupations.

The four basic personalities; The TRUMP, the OPRAH, the HAWKING, the OBAMA. How to influence each of these via ER (Emotional Resonance).

The FIVE parts of persuasion:

1. The TARGET, who exactly are you wanting to influence and how?
2. The INTERSECTION, where you and your target meet.
3. PRE-OCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTER, how you get inside their minds.
4. EMOTIONAL RESONANCE, how to lead them.
5. The ACTION you want them to take.

The PICTOGRIGMS of PERSUASION, these tools let you customize your influence and persuasion attempts.

This is a basic, get you started work. There is nothing else like it available anywhere else. It is a booklet, which must be mailed to you.

There is NO download, no PDF, no is only available on paper, printed as a booklet. Why? Because I want and need to keep track of who is getting it.

Hi, my name is Gordon Jay Alexander. I'm a co-founder of Seeds of Wisdom forum, now in it's 19th year, one of the longest running active business and Internet Marketing forums online.

You are welcome to vist On the home page you will find many stories I've written and in the forum are thousands of posts, by scores of people and a vast eclectic group.

I've been studying persuasion and influence for over 58 years now. I'm a retired Creative Marketing Professional and I've written over 75 reports, courses, folios, booklets and have been online since 1985, and on the WWW since the beginning.

I've mentored people in product development, copywriting and marketing. It is my sound belief that almost all success comes via the cooperation between people. Sometimes a mastermind is formed between two, and sometimes a group of thousands.

You must be able to persuade and influence people to assist you, it is the one universal skill which guarantees your success in this world.

I won't bore you here and now with my biographical data regarding my studies, however, if you want to spend your time and you think knowing this will help, you can visit here: LINK.

IT is my hope you would be more interested in helping yourself, and making whatever desires you have to come true, to be more important, but please, if it helps you decide, you can read all about my life studies, fair enough? LINK

How much? The booklet is $14.99 USA dollars, plus shipping. In the USA, that is $4.99 for a first class mail. If you live outside of USA, it will cost you more. At this time this booklet is available only in English. If you have the means and desire, and find it worth while, I'm willing to grant some foreign publishing rights, please contact me for details, after you have read the booklet.

This is a digest. It is short and sweet, pithy, only the chaff. It is NOT a comprehensive study or an academic treatise on persuasion and influence. It is practical.

It is useful. You will read through it quickly and the worksheets will help you immediately.

I don't use testimonials, nor are there any limited numbers or a time limited offer. Why?

Those tricks of marketing are for marketers who need them. I don't care if you buy this or not. At 68 and retired, I do things my way. See, this is for you. If you care to wait, if you have no urgency in your life regarding YOUR future, so be it.

Take your sweet time, hope you got a full tank of it, so go as slowly as you want.

There is no need to persuade or influence you into buying this, either you want it or you don't. That's crazy, right? Well, after 58 years, I can afford to be a cantankerous old crusty and crabby geezer. I just wish I knew this stuff when I was 21. What a difference it makes.

When you have this KNOWLEDGE and you use it, wonderful things happen in your life. Chances are you already know some of this, maybe even most of it, but you may also be like so many people who FORGET to use what they know. I hope not.

This booklet is about ACTION. Your first action step is to get it. Then you read it, and create your own pictogrigm of persuasion and target the WHO you want to influence, make a plan and take further action and make adjustments.

I do know, from having sold thousands of reports and information products there are some librarians who buy stuff. The have shelves of books, courses, audio...information of all kinds they simply store. I can't make you USE this stuff, but why bother spending even a dime if you are just going to add it to the dust collecting shelves? I'm happy to take your money, for sure, but don't want to USE your knowledge, old and new?

Anyhow, it is a booklet of 24 pages. Pithy. Succinct. Short and sweet. Does it have a million dollar idea in it? Who knows? It might have the ONE concept which gives you that AH HA, lightbulb moment and changes everything.

So, what are you waiting for? Get it now, or don't. It might be around next year, feel free to wait, take your time. No hurry. People aren't going to change in the next couple of years, their brains have millions of years of evolution inside, the reptile brain still functions as it did in many ways thousand of years ago.

So relax. No time limits, except my demise. Then, it probably disappears forever. But I'm in good health, so save up until you can afford the 20 bux or so and watch some TV.

Fair enough?

Gordon Jay Alexander

It sounds simple enough, yet so many struggle trying to influence others.

Last edited by GordonJ : November 4, 2018 at 11:16 AM.
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